Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

I can come up with Travel Bucket Lists as long as my arm, all day every day.  This year when I was pondering all the places I would love to visit, which you may have read here, I happily whiled away a good hour, an afternoon, a day , even a week and curated the perfect (for us) list!  I am amazing at holiday looking and pretend booking when I am supposed to be doing more important things.

But when it comes to actually pinning a trip down, when I have finally married up the same time off work with my husband ,(a feat in itself) when I have a free 13 day window to run with. It is then I cannot bring myself to choose,  to book or commit!   I have tired my friends out on discussions on it, I literally think if I mention India once more to my sister, she will never speak to me again, either that or will just book me on a one way trip there and insist her Skype doesn’t work! I’ve exhausted, all websites, blogs and travel articles….But I’ll keep going back just incase I’ve missed something….Unlikely!

 For our potential April trip, I have literally been from Cambodia to India, to Bali, to Costa Rica, To Cuba, to Portugal to Spain to Jamaica.  I would like some beach, actually no, I’d like some city… Scrap that, let’s go somewhere really exciting and challenging… But then we may need a holiday after that place…That would be amazing but we went somewhere a bit like that last year!!  It is ridiculous….Absolute first world problems!!

The strive for perfection is what spirals it all out of control….My want for every element of the trip to be perfect, mostly because time off work is precious and also that’s your hard earned cash being splashed here….But  wow what pressure!

 Without sounding selfish, spoilt and all other things contrived here,  I can’t say I’ve ever been on a trip that at the time that was 100 percent perfect, but now they are over and in the past, they are nothing but that.  Our trip to New York last March, was so much fun and to then finish off with some chill out in Mexico was incredible, I now just remember the utter excitement of New York and the soul warming heat of Tulum,  I’ve put aside that we had 4 cancelled flights and had to buy two more tickets to the Cancun, I’ve also tried to forget that we didn’t ever get our money back, (nice one Air Canada) But as soon as we arrived home and still now, that trip was just a world of fun and colour.

I’ve nothing but amazing memories from our trip to Sri Lanka, but again, the day  we had a pretty dodgy 13 hour van journey from Kandy to Tangalla, that day I was not happy….Yet again, I’ve forgotten about that, and if this does come into my head, I laugh about it, oh so funny!! I tell ya Wes wouldn’t describe me as laughing in the back of that van that day!

So why so hard to make a decision? Maybe it’s because before you commit the imaginary adventures are in dreamland, they are a vision and one that is just for you in your thoughts and head and as soon as it is booked,  the real life stuff seeps in…..but whatever happens perfect or not so the trip has its place to shape your year and you as a person, even if it’s just a realisation of how lucky we are to travel!
















So note to self:  Just make a bloody decision ,  because everywhere you go, no matter what happens you’ll look back on and remember those times as moments that you would have again in a second…… Especially when it’s chucking it down in the UK !

Thank you for reading



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I try to capture a moment albeit it grand or seemingly insignificant, so it can last just that little bit longer…

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