Island Life, Isla Holbox.

Four Splendid Sunsets

After just one afternoon at Casa Las Tortugas we happily got into the flow of Island life. It is amazing how quickly you create little rituals that become habits, as if you were at home, but all credit to Gianni and Greta for creating that home from home feeling, even if we were over 2000 miles away from our real life abode.  Lazy mornings,  lie ins and breakfast with the view of the beach and the water.  Fresh juices from pineapple to papaya to watermelon served with endless coffee and either a sweet or salty breakfast, plates of colour and goodness, all habits we were determined to bring into our everyday lives.


We spent the mornings in a hammock, or trying to get in and out of one, reading and swimming, before being a little active,  walking and walking and walking up the beach splashing in and out of the waters, people watching and dog watching (as always).


What lucky pups you are to live here.


We are not sure if it was the juice at breakfast but one morning had an even more active day planned with the hiring a paddle board, which actually required as much control as getting in and out of a hammock.   Even in the calmest of waters it was a hell of a core workout.  We’ve all seen the pictures of celebs gracefully participating in the activity…..Hmmm not so much for us…But you know we were on island time and slow pace suited us just fine, even when the friendly Americans kindly let us know that “we may go faster if we had the board the right way round”…..Brits Abroad!


When we were not trying to train for an Olympic sport the afternoons were filled with wandering the town and shopping, lots and lots of shopping! Shopping for bags, purses, cushions, tops, beads, shells. You name it I bought it.  Thanks to good ole wifi Watsapping pictures back to my sister so she could have her own choice of the perfect Mexican satchel.

13007264_10153419183607687_1881880599159936902_nDSC_0694Late afternoon we would return to the beach for guacamole and watch the local youth football teams have some fun.  

The most spectacular part of Holbox living is the sunsets. Due to the way Holbox is situated the beach faces the sunset with no disruption. The four sunsets were the highlight of our trip and we decided to watch each one from a different spot, from the sun beds, to the pier, from the beach bar and lastly from in the water (of course all with a glass of wine and a Modello) joining all the locals who flocked to the waters every evening.


To watch the pink sun go down right to the horizon whilst swimming in warm waters will forever be carved in our memory.


The daily rituals continued after showering off the salt water, sand and sun and cleaning up for pre dinner cocktails which we took at Casa Las Tortugas bar most evenings, with prettiest interiors with fabrics and fresh flowers looking over the fairy lit palm trees, before heading in to the square for dinner.


 The square in the evenings was alive with families,  teenagers playing basket ball and bands playing loud,  it felt almost like a European holiday, walking from bar to restaurant of choice with the fun fair and sounds of kids playing. With the warm air and the endless margaritas it was the happiest place to be.


After four nights we had to say adios to this most perfect island, hearts were heavy as we jumped on our golf buggy to catch the ferry for the journey home.


I feel like we found something very, very special in Isla Holbox, and Casa Tortugas.  Tortugas meaning Turtles, aptly named as sea turtles that come back to the beach to lay their eggs will always return to the same nesting spot where they were born…..and home is where the heart is….. So like the turtles we will return as a little part of our hearts will forever be on that beach in Isla Holbox.


So go! Go now to this magical place.

We booked Casa Las Tortugas direct through their website.  Additionally we booked our transfers from Isla Holbox to Cancun, who sorted out all ferry tickets, all very simple and quickly arranged. We flew with Virgin Atlantic from Cancun to London Gatwick.

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