My Summer Promises

I think we all have life time goals and achievements that we are all aiming for and hoping to tick off over the course of the year and even decades. I’ve a list as long as my arm, from so many dance/work goals, to bloggers goals, and to personal goals, like going to India, Poland and the Amalfi Coast.  I’d like to own another cat, have a home in Greece,  volunteer, and maybe even write a book!  Not only do I like the idea of striving towards stuff, I’m all in for working hard for your achievements, but I like how a tick list can book mark a year and cement important moments in ones life.   Of course the downside of all this, yes there is always a downside,  is these can be rather hard to achieve, they are not imminent and take much application. Work goals can only come with experience, sheer hard work and time and sometimes hours/days away from family.  Travel also requires slabs of time and of course money, money, money! Owning another cat well that requires a hefty discussion with our cat Gloria.

These life goals are ‘life changing’ but also can get in the way of everyday life. Get ready for the cliche  “Life happens when you are busy making plans”  So I say, yep have those BIG goals, believe me I do! Keep yourself motivated, keep yourself aiming high, most definitely keep contributing, keep yourself engaged and keep educating yourself through work, culture and experiences.  But in order to live for the now, create a list of fun, frivolous, trivial and more achievable goals.   They can be small things you have always wanted to do, they don’t have to break the bank, they can be local, in your house, with friends, without friends, they can be done in a day, an afternoon, and in this case a Summer. My cousin’s response at the weekend, to me telling her I  was in a pub garden with a glass of Rosé, was “I want to get back into Rosé #lifegoals” Which made me not only laugh out loud but kinda got me thinking……

….So begone those days of I’ll do that when I’ve saved this amount of money, or when I have a house big enough for, or when I’ve lost this amount of weight,  or when I’ve finished that project. Let’s just have some fun now!

So get creative, pen a list that is for you and you only (not what you feel you should do) and  when achieved either comment below or tag a pic on Insta #mysummerpromises ….This way we can all join in each others’ fun and spark off some more ideas …..Exciting! (Of course if you want to just enjoy them for yourself that is more than quite lovely!)

Here I share my #mysummerpromises

1. Have a picnic on a mid week evening in the countryside with the sun going down.

2. Read every single one of the books sitting on my shelf waiting to be devoured.

3. Go strawberry picking.

4. Throw a Wimbledon Final party, with said strawberries and Pims…. (just because you can’t get there doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy!)

5. Commit to and complete a 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

6. Have a Summer Day out in London, just strolling around some sights, parks and streets, in and out of cafes and pubs.

7. Take lots of bike rides.

8. Jump in the car really early one Saturday/Sunday and head to the nearest beach, no cafes, no restaurants, no boutique hotel, just sandwiches and swimsuits!

9. Go to a pop up out door cinema.

10. Go to the local Lido more frequently.

11. Create a tonne of good playlists on my phone so I have one for every Summer occasion.

12. Drink Rosé wine, with the said cousin in discussion above.

13. Get out my SATC DVD’s and watch from the start, I miss those girls!

14. See my family and friends as much as possible.

15. Grab a group of people and have a rounders match in the park (although I’m hopeless at games)

16. Have friends over for alfresco Mexican food and Margaritas !!

17. Wear as many Summer Dresses as I can, even if it’s cold, throw on a cardi…..Good ole Brits!)

18. When I have some time off, no guilt required, just enjoy!

19. Do something for somebody else, if I’m heading to the shop for a cold drink, sandwich, I’ll buy two…for those that may appreciate it more than I. (This is a whole year round goal)

20. Eat all the ice creams and BBQ’s offered to me, and if my so called bikini body is a bit off then so bloody be it!

21. Attempt to make a raspberry pavlova.

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Well this is a start, looks like a busy Summer for me….And I’m sure when I hear all yours I will be adding to my list.  Do let me know your list and don’t forget to #mysummerpromises

Top Asos

Cut offs Levis

Sandals Nomadic State of Mind

Sunglasses Ray-ban

Thank you for reading x


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