Winter Night Time Routine of Dreams

I feel the ritual of going to bed is not taken seriously enough as an adult, and I don’t mean, just brushing my teeth and throwing on pjs and jumping into bed, I mean the slowing down of an evening and preparing for the night. When my niece came home from hospital all brand new, I watched my sister from day one, set the night time scene, lights were dimmed, clean and fresh nightwear was laid out, stories were read and quiet  had taken over the house, there was a wind down….well for a short moment!  Now obviously I am not suggesting that as adults we need to have a night time schedule like a child but the idea of slowing right down, setting a scene, washing off the day and preparing for a good nights sleep is, I think, an important one. We know what it’s like if we don’t get one and before the Mumsnet fire at me for not truly understanding lack of sleep, I have had bouts of angry insomnia and know just how awful you can feel  trying to work, exist or be happy on no sleep.

If you have been lucky enough to stay in a hotel with a turn down service, you will know how luxurious it feels, to come up to bed with, your pyjamas laid out, your lamp light dimmed and the bed all puffed up ready to envelop you to sleep……hmm not so dissimilar to a child.   Now obviously I don’t sleep away every night in a beautiful hotel with a turn down services but I do have a few little rituals which I try to stick to for the majority to help feel like I do and give me the best chance of a good night’s kip and it all starts with skincare and wiping off the day.

Actually it all starts with a full stomach, never go to bed hungry, that will keep you up for hours…..then,  run up to your room and switch the BIG light to the lamp, take off all the cushions pillows, cat, dog, child off the bed, turn down the bed, so when you finally go up, it’s warm, cosy and ready for sleep…..And then…

…Off with all the make up.

I have used Bioderma before but they kindly sent me some products to work into my night time routine.  Dramatic statement coming….”Sometimes I feel like taking my eye make up off another chore at the end of the day”  Yes I’ve left it on in laze, and it is not only uncomfortable, it’s dirty and it gets all over your white sheets, (the latter for me the worse).  I have to say that Bioderma Sensibio H20 makes my evening a little more pleasurable, it’s gentle and pretty soothing and wipes the day off your face before you can say tomorrow , it totally does the job, with no traces of mascara left on my white bed sheets!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

…Then on to a good mask.  I am currently using Bioderma Hydrabio Mask, I’ll run the bath, light a candle and while a way some time,  with a thick layer smothered all over my face, that is what dreams are made of!  I mostly do this once a week, but as the never ending winter is drying up my dehydrated face to an old raisin, I’ve been using this a few times a week, nice and easy to use (if there is no bath time) leave on for 10 minutes and then wipe off with cotton wool, you are left with hydrated and super soft skin, it feels clean and intensely moisturising, for my stressed out, wintered out, dried out skin.

Oh I love a serum,  I have them next to my bed and depending on the day I’ve had or what I may have been eating/ or doing to my body, I choose.  I think as an everyday, I  apply the Biodema Hydrabio Serum , (which I actually use in the morning too) It has a soft, gel like consistency and my skin just drinks this right up.  Completely hydrating and really smoothing, a really good everyday skin staple.


Also next to me, is the Vanderohe Nourishing Serum, which to me seems a little more like an oil, which smells insanely delicious.  If I’ve had a heavy weekend or not managed to drink enough water or just feel a little tired this is my go to.   A beautiful blend of  organic, cold-pressed oils,  magically enriched with 100% organic and wild-harvested essential oils, it is completely nourishing, rich and botanical. I love using it at night too as it completely calms my head, just a few drops on your hands and then breath in the aroma of lavender, rosehip and frankincense of just a few, and then massage into the face,  makes me instantly less stressed and anxious.  So good for the skin and the soul.  It’s organic, natural, not tested on animals and also they contribute to a carbon offset scheme, which plants a tree for every pound donated, to help undo the carbon footprint, which also helps you sleep at night…..

…..Then to finish off with Elizabeth Arden Nighttime Miracle Moisturiser, on the lips, the hands, sore thumbs, or whatever this Winter has chapped and broken, I lavishly apply.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

…So all is left to do is liberally spritz all over my pillows, Made by Coopers, Sleepy Head Spray, again full of nothing bad, just lavender, camomile and frankincense working their magic to help drift you off to sleep. A ritual of a warm bath, a candle, clean, a range of potions, comfy pjs, a book in hand, a warm comfy bed, all in a haven of calm….That is gonna make you snooze good!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

…So although I may not have a nightly turn down service, with a few little evening rituals you can almost create the same feel and well you can always dream right? Sleep Tight!

Made by coopers, Sleepy Head Spray,

Vanderohe Nourishing Serum,

Elizabeth Arden Nighttime Miracle Moisturiser,

Biodema Hydrabio Serum

Bioderma Hydrabio Mask,

Bioderma Sensibio H20

 • Bioderma products were gifted.  All other products have been paid for by myself.

Thank you for reading x



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  1. love this! keep up the good content! i love this so much and i love you so much i’ve only read this one article and it’s so helpful! thank you so much for your help!


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