Christmas Traditions- Scarfes Bar, The Rosewood Hotel, London.

For the past, I want to say fifteen years and more (nearly chokes) my cousin and I have had a little tradition of a Christmas night out.  Now this has covered a whole raft of evenings, from our early 20’s with drunken nights full of jugs of Sangria and as much Tapas as we could eat, to sophisticated London Bars, to brunch at The Wolseley when impending babies prevented the alcohol in takes, to visiting different cities over the country wherever we were located at the time.

Over the years we have had a whole range of Christmas fun, and this year was no different as we sat at the beautiful Scarfes Bar which is part of the Rosewood Hotel, sipping champagne.  All things decedent, velvet and antique, almost of the time of a Gentleman’s club…and a cocktail menu to beat all other menus. A roaring fire,  live music, all the sophistication of a drawing room you need.  Now it is not as though I don’t see her, or speak  to my cousin any other time of the year, it is just something we did once at Christmas time and therefore we now do every year.  To download, to laugh and have some fun, and subconsciously highlighting that hidden behind all this,  is just how important our friendship is.

This is one thing I love about Christmas, it is when traditions are not just slightly choking customs but it gives scope to create your own customs that hold importance to you.

 I am lucky enough to spend Christmas nearly every year with my family, (I bagged myself a very kind husband) Christmas Day would not be the same if I didn’t get to share it with my mum and dad and my sister. Even after the big day itself, on the 27th December, my sister, her husband, Wes and myself,  come together at my parents house, with two dogs and a cat, we huddle into the living room , my dad lights a fire and fights with keeping it going through out the day, the dogs laze in front of it and prevent any warmth getting anywhere else, my mum is in and out of the kitchen constantly bringing us more food, a theme through out the day.  We watch our Christmas gift DVDs, which I tend to time my naps around,  for example if the boys win with Star Trek or Star Wars (like what’s the difference ? ) We  read books and play games, and this is all because this happened one time back in the early 2000’s and so we still do it every year. With the added bonus to my delight of my little niece who now joins us in the fun and wonderment of this tradition, which is as much hers now as ours.

This so called custom belongs to my family, and once again, a day wrapped up as cosy, safe, indulgent, warm and funny (and of course with the odd bicker) is a hidden day of greatly significant time with each other.

In this busy , fast paced life we all live, it’s important to take out a couple of hours, an evening or a whole day, to celebrate life, friendship, family and of course Christmas.  Right now we do not need reminding that life is precious, family is precious and so is time.  Traditions can be old fashioned to some, but at Christmas time and especially this year,  I am reminded to take time out and recognise the importance of all of this.

So I share with you  my first tradition of Christmas 2016 drinks with my cousin at the gorgeous, Scarfes Bar at The Rose wood Hotel, because of course if you are surrounded by London decadence, it will give it all that extra little Christmas Sparkle……although I will add after a glass of bubbles here, we hot footed to Covent Garden for cheap margaritas and nachos, feeling like we were back in our 20’s!

I wish you a very safe and a very Merry Christmas


Scarfes Bar, The Rosewood Hotel, London

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