Body and Soul but in the other order.

As I’ve said many a time, (yawn) I do enjoy the Summer.  I think my last ten posts have cemented that for me and my readers, but although it is for the majority all fun and sunshine, the Summer can also stir up the opposite when it comes to perceptions and ideals.  This can start on a quiet level, How on earth did the week before I have to put on a bikini arrive so quick?   How am I supposed to enjoy the summer and be the fun and full of sunshine ‘gal’, if I don’t consume the many ice creams, bbq hot dogs, glasses of wine passed to me at every corner? It’s the return of the famous dangerous duo Guilt and Pleasure that seem to be more prevalent in the Summer months, than any other perhaps. All because we bare more skin, the cameras come out and the pressures are immense!

We see so many images and ideals of what we feel we should be, not taking in to account our health, natural build, gender and age.   But you know what ? Being happy and confident in your own skin is the holy grail of sassiness and for me that is being able to eat that ice cream or two, drink that glass of wine or two and well if the camera happens to appear so be it,  surely the absolute fun of it all will just radiate through  … and well if not,  isn’t that what filters are for ….?

….So a bit like me in this Ghost dress, which I love the colour and shape and feel of, so I’ll just ignore the fact it is actually a little bit too tight…..I’m gonna wear it anyway with a BBQ hot dog in hand (to complete the look of course)

So breathe in and out (when the dress isn’t too tight) and run with what you have, what is inside, and enjoy it all with who you are sharing it with …  So put on that bikini, dress , pair of shorts, whatever  and grab that ice cream or three and be happy!  You know that will be a great picture !






Thanks for reading x

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I try to capture a moment albeit it grand or seemingly insignificant, so it can last just that little bit longer…

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