Postcards from Paros-Last Days of Summer.

We hopped back on a quad bike and decided to to spend our final day in Paros, beach hopping and taking in as much of the island as we could.  The only change was we decided to head west and take the route towards Alyki.  So after a morning of shopping (of course) and picking up Greek trinkets, bowls and slippers and taking photos at every turn and corner, off on the final Paros adventure we went.


Following the road from Parikia to Pounta, was a treat for the senses, the roads were a lot quieter and the view if possible even better. As we slowly went up into the mountains,  looking back at the bluest water over Farragas and  picking out which home we would buy, literally is once again a photo memory, filed under ‘forever remembered’. The view of Anti Paros (a definite next time) was clear as day.   Traveling through farm land, bumpy track roads, of course getting lost, passing the endless pristine white chapels and breathing in fragrance of sea, sand and Bougainvillea’s,  Yes people, a high on life moment!!!


We stopped at completely empty bays,  dropped our gear and jumped into the water, in awe of how peaceful, beautiful and quite perfect this part of the island was. The great thing about the quad bike  on a small island is you can literally pack up and move on or return to wherever you want, that we did.  Coffee and bakery stop in Alyki, a walk and swim at Molos, lunch at Mesada, and then completed the afternoon at Farragas, with a summer heavy snooze and hours in the water, the latter being my favourite!      You feel as if you are the only few people on the whole of the greek island with the odd cow and goat,  a little secret that only we knew about. 


Sun kissed and happily exhausted by the elements we made out way back to Parikia as the sun was setting for our last night in Paros. 


As we waited the next morning for our boat back to Mykonos with rather heavy hearts, we concluded that Paros was a very special place, the Greek Islands have a warm spirit that is compelling. We travelled to the Greek islands on our first holiday together, and it has always been a pretty special place for us.  Paros just reconfirmed this, from our beautiful apartment, to the quiet, traditional and peaceful villages, to the warm and friendly people, to the delicious food, to quad bike escapades, to swimming in the clean blue water, to sleeping in the shade and finally to carefree days, it was all special!


The Greek Islands are just that and and each time we visit we treasure this and we take a little bit this, home with us!


Thank you Paros for the last days of summer!

Dress :

Bikini: Oysho at

Jean Shorts :

Our flights were booked through We flew from Gatwick to Mykonos and caught the boat from Mykonos to Paros on the speedy service which was about 40 minutes. booked it all independently and before we left the UK.  We found Panta Rei on  but you can book direct through their website 

We hired quad bikes from Paros European Rent, which is along the sea front in Parikia.

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