Indulging in favourites everyday with Bioderma

Sometimes I simply do not practice what I preach, “wear the dress I say, light that candle, open that champagne” You get the picture? But when it comes to bathroom products I tend to make a habit of either looking at them from afar not daring not to use them or a use the tiniest amount to make them last as long as I can….is it just me? It all boils down to wanting my favourite beautiful products and oh so lovely things to last and have the ability to replace when it all goes …and this is where we all hail Bioderma….

I have used Bioderma, for a good few years now, they always come up with goods in relation to product value and quality. I really appreciate the science behind the brand, their informed knowledge into healthy skin. Consideration to skins cells and the imbalances and creating solutions to preserve the health and beauty of the skin…Oh and all their plastic is recyclable too, hugely important!

Bioderma have very kindly sent me a few of their Atoderm range to try, and also to bring my twice daily showers to life and allowing me to indulge in a little bit of favourite everyday as I sing along in the shower , which I have happily been indulging in for the past week, the products not the singing (ish)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

The Atoderm range is perfect for the skin in these Autumnal days, especially after the effect of the Summer sun, the cold weather outside, heating going on etc… The Ultra-nourishing shower cream is hydrating, super nourishing, lovely and creamy with a subtle scent. Very fresh and leaves the skin feeling really soft. The best part being the size of the bottle and the cost effective price allowing you to indulge liberally with the product to no avail. It is the small things! To complete the cycle and to pack in that hydration I have been following up with the Ultra-nourishing Body cream, which is for normal to dry skin, my skin tends to be more on the dry side, especially this time of year when the legs are constantly covered. This nourishing cream feels really moisturising and not at all greasy, again with a gentle scent and gentle on the skin, which of course I liberally apply.

I was also kindly sent the Ultra Gentle Shower Gel to try, which is great if you are more of a shower gel person than cream person. Totally refreshing from top to toe and ear to ear, again soap free so it doesn’t dry up the skin but still foams up rather nicely. Super soft on your skin and leaves the body feeling hydrated and fresh and oh so clean. On my really wild days I may even use both shower products ….going from looking at products from a distance to using two at the same time well, that is indulgent and that is what makes a definite favourite for the everyday….So wear the dress, light the candle ,drink the champagne and indulge liberally and daily in your favourite products!

Ultra Gentle Shower Gel

The Ultra-nourishing shower cream

Ultra-nourishing Body cream

Thank you for reading x

  The products were kindly gifted in return for this blog post.  All creative direction and thoughts are solely my own. 

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