Greek Island Hopping | Donoussa

We left Pino di Loto ridiculously early to catch our ferry to our final Greek Island. With heavy hearts, off we were Donoussa bound and within three hours hearts were lightened as we arrived at the beautiful Little Cyclade and at the tiniest port.  The bluest, clearest of water, it could have been the Caribbean but for the little cubist white buildings, rolling hills and little fisherman’s boats bobbing in the water…..A sigh of relief, excitement and a need to dive into the blue overcame us… off we went!

Donoussa is a really tiny little island,  we were staying just off the main port, two minute walk to the beach and a three minute walk for tavernas or croissants at the bakery for breakfast.  Quiet, small, idyllic and very, very Greek! Perfect!

We were staying on the island for three whole days and nights, and continued with the three R’s we had gotten used to, Rest, more rest and relaxation.  We spent our days, on the beaches  walking across the island to Kendros bay which was a stunningly breathtaking beach, the waters would make any beach in the Caribbean jealous.  Clear as clear and so warm to splash around in, it was quite a ‘pinch me’ moment…You would get lost in a book,  to look up to then be amazed of your surroundings all over again ….a stunning feast for the eyes….just a little heads up to the fact that Kendros beach is a nudist beach, whatever floats your boats and all, but we were sitting  happy in our swimwear….but  did feel a little bare without my earrings….what is that about, nude but with earrings?? Anyway I digress, but now as I sit and write this on a cold November day it feels like a world away….the gorgeous beach that is…..

We were pretty late to the party in booking up accommodation, and as the island is so small there is not too much to choose from, so we ended up staying at Illovasilema Studios, basic as but with a sea view from the terrace and two minutes walk to the water, it did us fine, very simple, very Greek and really very sweet and very affordable.  All the big ticks.! We literally spent our days,  from beach to beach, from breakfast to sunset and gorging at the local tavernas for dinner, oh not forgetting one night where we grabbed a Giro (incredible!)  shortly followed by ice cream, (even more incredible) and just sat and tucked into them on the beach……

So after ten days of island hopping, a few splendid beaches,  a lot of Greek kitty cats,  feasting alfresco in local tavernas,  Donoussa was a perfect end to our  trip….10 days of surrendering to the Greek way of life…..We soaked it up, drank it up, ate it up,  lived in the moment, and now it has all become a dream, and a very special one at that!

Dearest Greek Islands, you are the absolute epitome of Summer, there is no place I would rather be,  we will be back to see you very soon ……

We flew our of London Luton to Mykonos with Easyjet.

Organised boats before we left with  I found this company really clear and efficient and they even text to remind of your plans or if there were any changes the day before. You can also download the tickets onto your phone rather than picking up from the port.  We did a bit of both.  It took about three hours minutes from Syros to Donoussa (but very worth it!) 

We booked our stay here Illovasilema Studios,

White Bikini | H&M

Blue Floral Bikini | Mango

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