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Someone once said to me that they thought the likes of Paperchase and Smythsons were pointless expenditures, a waste of money for something practical and everyday. “Surely a note pad is a note pad and a pen is a pen, it is what you use it for which is of importance?” were their words. But if you are anything like me sometimes a new pen or crisp new note pad can motivate me to the most challenging of to do lists.  Remember how neat the first few pages of the newly covered, with the prettiest wrapping paper,  school books were.(Was this just my school?)   Surely it is okay to find motivation in the small things we choose, one creation can only inspire another creative thought and, well, then the limits are endless.   Otherwise we would just all have the same house, the same car, the same clothes, same taste in literature, films, television, etc.. Goodness what a world this would be…a clone of one creation…..enough said!

Making creative and thoughtful decisions from the cards you choose to send, or to keep, the holidays you pick, the cars you drive, the tea you drink, the chocolate you eat, are all statements of who you are, what you believe in and what taps into your spirit….The idiosyncrasies of what make you the person you are.

So here I gather a few choices of my own, a  few small ‘pointless expenditures’ that motivate  and inspire me, nothing to do with looming festivities or the time of year, but things that I simply like to have around me, for aesthetic, for vision, for words and for the reasons why they were created…. I hope they  inspire  you too.


Miss Magpie Spy

My friends over at Miss Magpie Spy, Nikki and Sarah, have been insanely busy producing the intelligent and beautifully designed greetings cards.  The incredibly talented Niki Groom has been illustrating for international brands for over 15 years, creating artwork for advertising campaigns, window displays, in-store graphics, incredible achievements,  and now fantastic for us all has created  the most beautiful collection of greeting cards and prints for us to have as our own pieces of art.  What a treat to  give or receive one of these perfect illustrations  for a birthday or wedding or simply because they strike a chord in you for someone.  I actually have framed a few cards and scattered them around the house.  Please do get in contact with the lovely Sarah and stack up on these creations (link below) and follow on Instagram for a daily does of Miss Magpie @mmfs_stationery

I cannot wait to get my hands on the Christmas collection, watch this space!




CocoFour Candles

Perfectly homemade, natural soya wax, Cedar and Jasmine scented candle from Coco Four.  These candles are  renewable resources and are  healthier for humans, pets and the environment, all big ticks plus they look and smell divine!  A candle can motivate me to do almost any thing at at the bottom of my to do list!


Creighton’s Chocolatier

Now I am never going to turn any bar of chocolate down, but the beautifully crafted creations from Creighton’s Chocolatier,  make it even harder.  Mother and Daughter, Lucy Elliott and Andrea Huntington, began on a journey in 2010 and set up a small shop in my home town their aim was “to put the fun & individuality back in to chocolate whilst keeping the exclusivity of a hand-made, artisan product.” That they did and six years later, two stores, with stocks in Liberty’s and Harrods. So here I do not only celebrate the most delicious chocolates,  (these bars did not last long) but to local talent, doing their thing so beautifully well.






Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

I was recently introduced to the amazing poetry of Rupi Kaur.  Milk and Honey is Rupi Kaur’s debut collection of poems and pros, her words resinate and leave a mark on your soul, take you on a journey and highlight what is beautiful in everything however shocking and painful things maybe.





So the next time you receive a gift, a card, a beautifully wrapped bar of chocolate or a book of prose or thoughtfully chosen words, think about all the thought that person has put into that choice for you.  We may not all be able to articulate as beautifully as Rupi Kaur but we can show a little of ourselves through the small little details of our choices.


Miss Magpie Fashion Spy Stationary and cards

Creightons Chocolate

Coco Four Candles

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram on @promisetocarrythecases See you there!



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