Soho Farmhouse- Life Is Better On the Farm

They say that Life is better on the Farm, well I couldn’t agree more when it comes to the delightful, hidden, dreamy, oasis that is Soho Farmhouse.  Wes grew up on a farm, all that mud and outdoors stuff never really appealed to me, but when it is all dressed up like this haven, I am a happy Farmer’s wife! Hidden away in the beautiful Cotswold countryside, the drive there was a treat in itself. Surrounded by woodland, agriculture and so much fresh air, you want to  bottle it up to bring home, we had ourselves a slightly secret, midweek completely indulgent, relaxed and heart warming twenty-four hours….


Inner gasps pretty much start as you arrive at Soho Farm House, and I say inner as I needed to keep cool about it!  (Yep difficult)  They encourage a relaxed and calm atmosphere, casual in attitude, casual in attire and of course behaviour.  This is great for Wes, a jeans and trainer guy  whatever the occasion,  and as phones are to be kept to a minimum too, something he highly agrees with, he was a happy chap. The latter great  for switching off from the non farm land but it did mean a lack of photos, never been much of a rule breaker I stuck to this but am regretting it now……I digress… So my first of many inner gasps was the arrival of the converted milk float which drove us up the Farm Yard, travelling the three minute trip from the main reception was in comparison to a child at Christmas time, as if we were approaching Lapland for grown ups, and even better as it’s for all seasons!




The beautiful Farm Yard is a completely inviting hang out, filled with the comfiest arm chairs, the perfect sofas (like the ones I’ve been trying to source via Ebay for years) log burners, vintage table tennis and Foosball tables. The oh so classy but cosy Farm Yard was surrounded by the Main bar, the Fancy Bar and the Farm shop and Deli, where I ate the most incredible chocolate brownie and huge iced finger, I’ve not had one of those for years….And not forgetting the incredible Cowshed Spa, my Mecca if you will. This whole space is a fusion of simple but classy, calm but luxurious, shabby but on point creation, the heart of the Farm and perfect for a farm boy and his not so farm wife.





We ate lunch at the Main Barn, sitting outside under the heat of the very warm October sun, catching up and taking it all in. A glass of Prosecco in the sunlight, it was a pretty good and not your average Tuesday. The rest of the day was spent at the Boathouse, dipping in and out of the luxurious and heated outdoor pool,  (yes swimming outdoors in the UK in October is certainly an Autumn highlight) and bathing in the hot tubs, before we ventured to our room.







The cabins were the perfect home from home, but so much better than our home.  The dreamiest, stylish bedroom area, with log burner, perfect interiors,  trinkets and cushions, not one detail or thought forgotten. An absolutely enormous comfy bed of dreams,  white pristine bathrooms with huge rainforest showers with so many Cowshed products you could lather yourself in, yes just go and leave me here forever, incredible!


The mini kitchen was my kinda kitchen, tiny, compact, complete with homemade fresh sour dough bread and farm cheese, (this didn’t last long) home made granola and fresh milk. Oh and another bottle appeared via the milk man the following morning ….Simple and lovely and again no detail forgotten.










 But the main feature, oh the main feature ..Was the beautiful outside copper, freestanding bath tub, I mean I died and went to heaven.  It wasn’t enough to be as wrinkled as a prune from the pool and hot tub, I spent the majority of my time on our decking soaking in the bath, testing out all the delicious Cowshed bath products and working out how on earth we could get a functioning tub in our garden at home.  But in all seriousness, a huge warm bath of bubbles with the fresh air under the blue sky, is not to be forgotten!







A lazy afternoon turned into a drink in Mill Room, the Farm’s country pub and cocktails in the Main Bar before a huge and gorgeous steak dinner in the Fancy Barn.  A very slow morning followed, granola and ‘the’ milk was devoured and more baths and more products were  had. I was certainly clean and super freshly scented….We took long bike ride around the farm….Oh did I not mention the bikes? Complete with our own names and basket. We rode to the Crazy golf, (which should be named impossible golf, a few laughs here and a few lost golf balls) around the cabins, the cottage, the lake and stables, breathing in the fresh air.  In awe of the view and soaking up the beautiful and quiet surroundings, before I collapsed happily in the Cowshed spa for the rest of the afternoon, but not before stacking up on another chocolate brownie from the Deli.















…What an incredible, perfect, chilled out, kinda strange (in a good way) funny, indulgent, natural and relaxing night away……Maybe there is a little farm girl in me after all?


….and yes life is better on a farm, well a farm like this it definitely is!

Thank you Soho Farm House for a fabulous stay, we hope to see you soon.

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