Postcards from Paros Part Two: Retro Holiday

Beach, Book, Swim……Repeat

If you were in your late teens and early twenties in the latter part of the 90’s you would have most definitely booked a holiday via Teletext!!  Way before AirBnB,, or even the fantastic  Teletext was ‘the’ way and the only way to literally get away!  Three things required cheap, hot, swimming pool! Oh the days when that was all that was required. I used to sit for hours scrolling through lists to get the absolute best deal, and how on earth would you even know, not one image or review insight!  I know the bank balance may appreciate a £200 all inclusive every now and then but I’m not sure that it would scratch the travel/hotel itch…..Yes I can be a holiday snob!!


However, there was a real, simplicity to those trips and some how we always had the utterly most amazing time, a week of tanning, chicken and chips and stories that can make you laugh out loud still today…..Sometimes due to work and time limits we feel we skim a lot of the lovely places we get to go to, tick box, move on, eat there, see that etc. It can become a little manic and not so chilled and that happy go lucky ‘who cares what the room is like’ feel can get lost.  Paros allowed us to flag up the retro, take a step back and find that simplicity.  We took the coach to a little beach for the day, jumped in and out of the water, lay in the hot sun for too long and got a little bit burnt, drank endless Coca-Colas and replaced long sophisticated lunches for bags of ready salted crisps (why are they so much nicer abroad?)  Missed the coach back, got lost in alley ways and stuffed our faces with Loukoumades and extra chocolate sauce. Returned to the apartment for a nap, then with our new holiday glad rags on went out for drinks and dinner in the closest bar and restaurant we could find. To then proceed to stagger and giggle (only a little) back to the apartment to promptly fall asleep with a little too much alcohol in us……A day of a retro 90‘s holiday at it’s best!  Just, we happily went back to our lovely apartment, the closest bars were the stylish and thoughtful hangouts, the restaurant super romantic, chilled, relaxed with delicious food…….A few changes perhaps!



So maybe there is time for some updated Teletext holiday fun, when all that is important is the person you are with and the stories you create, so in another 20 years you are still laughing out loud!

Although, I can’t promise I wont be scanning the pages of for our next adventure, thank you Paros for highlighting what is important about time away from home……It does help you are were utterly gorgeous!


Dress: &



We jumped on the coach at the Port  in Paros and it took us to Santa Maria Beach.

We drank at the lovely Pirate Bar and Sativa Music Bar

 We Ate at Mono Mana.

Our flights were booked through We flew from Gatwick to Mykonos and caught the boat from Mykonos to Paros on the speedy service which was about 40 minutes. booked it all independently and before we left the UK.  We found Panta Rei on  but you can book direct through their website

More from Paros to come…..

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