Hocus Pocus….

I do rather appreciate the windy witchy days we have been having of late, on a strange level I quite like the nervous energy it brings, although a little unsettling and slightly eerie it is also rather exciting.  It certainly  does blow away the cobwebs and initiates a change, yes the Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch collection, have never left me.

Of course it is all about the changing of seasons and the low pressure coming off the Atlantic, the jet stream and  fast moving high air in the atmosphere, bla, bla!  But I can’t help but think that we are a little to blame (putting aside for now our part in environmental issues of course )  or certainly adding to the brewing of a storm with our own energies.  We all come out of the slower Summer, dazed, slightly confused, rested and recharged and then ‘Abra-bloody-cadabra’, out of nowhere we go at 100 miles an hour, no warm up, no gear change, straight to it, we hit the ground running. I am not sure I have one friend in an array of different jobs and lives that is not at this point absolutely wiped out at this time of year, all this energy, conjuring up of plans and deadlines for the next hour, next week, next month and far away into the  future.  Cramming a multitude of things to do and get done as if by magic in twenty-four hours, broomsticks a crazy as we fail to achieve everything, or everything on a level of dare I say it,  perfection!  We are just all whipping up a storm of utter uncontrollable exhaustion.

Then comes the storm and with it, there is a moment of calm, thought and clarity.  The end of a to do list achievements are never going to be reached, because we keep adding to them, and thank God for that!  This is it, this is the right now, and because there is a little witch in all of us, why not add some practical magic and cast your own spell and create your own potion in order to just ‘let some stuff go’ and add a few tricks and treats to remedy the now and to realise the good stuff  that does happen everyday.  And take this spirit into next whirlwind of weeks…..

….because really , perfection, well that doesn’t exist, it’s all just Hocus Pocus!















Dress: Zara

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I try to capture a moment albeit it grand or seemingly insignificant, so it can last just that little bit longer…

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