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It takes a very long time to build a home…..I feel perhaps a never-ending task,  there is always something that could be retouched, knocked down, changed, painted, moved around… I for one think, well if I get this done, or if we just paint that wall, or buy that piece, it will be complete, the house will be complete, or maybe I will feel complete…..For a few weeks at least. We can all laugh, I am sure  hope we all do it.  We had building work done on our beloved  little Victorian Terrace, which started last year and was completed in the sense that there were no builders scurrying around from the start of this year, I wouldn’t say it was complete from head to toe (not that Wes is aware of that).  Walls are still in need of art or photos, shelves etc.. but I feel that process of knowing what would look right and making those decisions and of course the financial implications,  takes a lot of time and decision making (my worse trait).

One positive response on Covid19, is that it has been lovely to be at home, through the end of Winter, through to Spring, into Summer, watching how the seasons, the outside flora and the light affect the space over the months has been quite wonderful.  In antithesis to this I am also in my house way too much.  I long to see someone else’s, other interiors, outside influences, or just be somewhere else,  as I am just looking at the same wall for far too long which can lead me to picking the whole house apart……

However, we have lived in our house now for 13 years, it has evolved with us, it has changed with us, it has a lot of faults like us, has a lot of work still to be done…hmm like us …. But it has kept us safe, sane, comfortable and protected over these last, very strange months.  The kitchen wall may not have a shelf, the windows still need changing, Gloria has scratched the hell out of the new, old leather chair, the exterior is a whole other conversation but it is my home and sometimes a little kick to not take for granted is required  …….I will be writing and sharing more detailed posts on house renovations  but for now I wanted to share with you, some pockets of my home that have caught my eye and made me happy, over the 3 months…..despite the never-ending journey of completion.

….And surely,  it being a never-ending task to complete is not a bad thing, it just means there is so much more to look forward to……

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Thank you for reading x

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I try to capture a moment albeit it grand or seemingly insignificant, so it can last just that little bit longer…

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