Take me back to Tulum: Coqui Coqui, Tulum

The great thing about Tulum is you can have very different experiences in one trip and all is achieved by a short walk up the beach.  After leaving the beautiful Casa Violeta we moved on to Coqui Coqui Tulum, a traditional Mexican stone structure with a feel of the ‘Ruins’ just up the road; coconut tree and white sand beach perfection.

11179956_10152904589892687_5375990760233982166_n20221_10152904552332687_5389296779185299128_n11755079_10152904552082687_5839171723301434077_n11742774_10152904552277687_3294178070983027185_nOur room was situated at the top of stone steps making every trip feel like a scene out of Indiana Jones… or at least so I thought.  The rooms were simple, sexy chic with a stone bath tub complete with a beach bag and Coqui Coqui Perfumes and bath products.  Bath salts, lotions and potions to indulge in from the renowned Coqui Coqui perfumery, scents of the sea, sand and orange blossom aromas filled the room.   IMG_3655 (2)11178360_10152904550817687_3526916188124751421_n11264585_10152904551242687_2320658788692787914_n-1 (1)We booked our stay with the guys at Mr and Mrs Smith and opted for one of the Courtyard rooms, which was serene, rustic and minimal,  but if you can spend a few more pennies I think it would be amazing to stay in one of their romantic water facing Terrace Suites.IMG_46231506978_10152904589632687_1240860681865999618_n-1After a welcome Margarita we took the four minute walk to the jungle side and drank more cocktails and ate dinner at Gitano, a very cool and stylish alfresco restaurant, complete with a pink neon light leading you into a canopy of palm tress.   So yet another night of star gazing in the dark of the jungle.  Tea lights twinkling, we sank into the simple wooden benches complete with the perfect kind of printed cushions.  We supped on Margaritas and tucked into the most mouth watering beef steak tacos I have ever eaten, whilst working out exactly how we could re-create the same vibe in our garden at home… Do go, go, go here, just make sure you are swimming in Deet. IMG_0083IMG_4127 (2)We would also recommend the gorgeous Posada Margherita for some of the finest Italian food in Tulum, in a completely gorgeous setting…Breakfasts are amazing too.IMG_4470 1IMG_4468 1IMG_4467 1After a relaxing, quiet few days at the mocha coloured, super romantic Coqui Coqui, with days spent lounging in the sun, indulging in leisurely breakfast and strong coffee, drinking cool crisp glasses of white wine, (beers for Wes) whist watching the sun go down, we were ready for a new adventure. 11742958_10152904551997687_8759413964631450328_n11027450_10152904552382687_6887494496346135854_nOnce again, we packed up with our free Coqui goodies and jumped in a taxi to Papaya Playa for our final stop in Tulum.IMG_4110 1

……..Final set of tales, thoughts and lots of Tulum tips coming soon.

We booked  Coqui Coqui through mrandmrssmith.com and flights to Cancun with Virgin Atlantic.

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