Serene Koufonisia

Sunshine, books,  sunsets, moonlight, barefoot life, turquoise waters, endless stars, good music,  equals the beautiful Koufonissia and life is quite lovely!

‘If you go once you will go always’, let’s hope this statement remains true in regard to the beautiful island of Koufonnissi. Stepping off the big speed jet boat, which did not fit with the calm, small and traditional boats bobbing on the turquoise waters of the island, you are blown away.  A port so tiny there isn’t really room for a bus to arrive let alone the noisy, red jet boat we arrived on, the only positive of catching this ugly ferry is the speed it can get you to the island in and in my opinion the the quicker the better in order to immerse yourself in this barefoot, bohemian paradise; it is the stuff that warms your soul.


 Koufonnissi island is part of the Little Cyclades and a quick hop on a ferry from the more famous Cyclades Island, Santorini.  For Wes, it is always a good start when the owners of where you are staying offer to pick you up in a 1960’s Land Rover. Retro at it’s best!  Driving along the ‘one’ road the island has, which is more like a country farm track, in the back of this thing was not quite as much fun for me but you can’t complain when your destination is My Island Home.  My  real home I wish it was, but for three nights and four days the one bedroomed apartment ‘Aegle’ was to be our little Greek abode. Five beautiful homes which have been warmly created by Loukia Atonomisies, traditional Greece with a little of the ‘shabby chic’ that makes me happy.  Views over the breath taking Pori Bay, from every window and balcony, allows the sunlight to pour in and remind you of the beauty of this island and of course that blue, blue sea.  Paradise exists in Europe!  Waking up to the azure waters and the feel of the heat and sunshine , morning coffee with the goats and horses (oh we were on a farm) will forever be the way to start the day. 








Koufonnissi Island is the smallest the Cycladic island group. It has an area of 3.5 km2 (1 sq mile)  so we took a slightly sweaty and sweltering hot walk, and got to know this serene little island, with the T-shirt fashioned to a bandanna look, going on (you just can’t be stylish in this heat) we wandered along to the little and only Chora, all in about 30 minutes. In a strange way it almost felt like we were in a little country spot in Devon, (minus the heat of course) surrounded by the senses of agriculture.  The Chora was not at all big, tiny in fact, with a few shops and cafes but to us who were now used to the quietness of Pori Bay it felt very different.  With a whole 300 habitants on this island,  I think maybe 275 were in this part, people seemed to know everyone, with a seemingly pretty happy place to be.  Peaceful, tranquil and calm and hot, hot hot! Stocking  up with olives, feta, tomatoes and of course wine, we took ourselves back to enjoy the evening on our verandah, this time with the moon light hovering over the bay. 






We spent our four days in a lazy, greek summer haze, swimming in the sparkling, clear, ‘blue like I have never seen before’ waters, diving into caves, (Wes not me ) long, slow, walks along the coast line, jumping in and out of massive rock pools and staying on the beach post sunset.  We stumbled across Kalofeggo bar, which soon became one of our most favourite places in the world to be.  A three minute walk to My Island Home and a stone throw away from the waters, stood this cool, inviting cafe.  We tucked into greek eats, such sesame feta with honey, taramasalata and saganaki with tomato marmalade, all washed down with mojitos and beer, whilst star gazing and making plans to return, all to a sound track to The Doors and Dylan.  What more can you want?










…..Now, you may not be able to return always but the feel, heat, and sheer beauty of the island will of course stay with you for always….


We visited Koufonnisissi as part of a Island Hop around the Cyclades. We flew to Athens with BA Airlines and then caught a ferry to Naxos- Folegandros and on to Koufonnisissi.  We then flew home from Santorini via Easy Jet.  We booked our time in Koufonnisissi  at Loukia, could not have been more helpful.  More Greek island hopping coming soon!   

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