New Year, New You…..Yes Sure!

It’s a hard one New Year in a way, not just because of the weight of food you’ve consumed has attached you to the sofa, the fun glitz and glam have been packed away into boxes not to been seen for at least eleven months, pine leaves and trail of glitter pop up reminding you of….well last week! Your body has no idea how to respond to a 6.30am alarm and you can’t imagine how on earth you survived everyday of non Christmas life.  I started to put in motion a few ideas, call them resolutions if you will,  just before Christmas and almost became so excited by them that I could have skipped the festivities altogether to  get them all going….But now when the time has arrived to implement these ideas I could not be further than wanting to try……Like a bear in the Winter, leave me the hell alone and wake me up in May! … All that is left to ask is, What an earth has happened? (Was there something in those 35 mince pie, 49 chocolates, and 35 glasses of Prosecco?)

But in reality I know exactly why,  it’s perfection, being, living, breathing that perfect unattainable life,  and the achievement of thus mixed in with a drop of pressure too, (well there is most defiantly pressure around my waist band but enough of that) Surely that ‘ideal you’ has to start January 1st, if she doesn’t come in January then she won’t come at all! Yes ladies and gentleman ‘The pressure of being a new so called you!’

I, by no means, want to start this year with a negative post, in fact the complete opposite, but maybe the New Year, the new you and the new me can just be about acceptance of who we already are, and those little extra things you strive for come from within your own ideas, yourself and of what you really, really want, (ignore Spice Girls ref) ….not because you are told to by society, social media, peers, because just pining over what others have surely just becomes riding on others peoples’ ideas……

So to 2018 I say, write your very own story, that way it is yours and yours only and the rest will all come in time…Your own time…..and I bet it will be pretty damn cool!  ….

New you? No we will keep the old one thanks, she was fine as she was!

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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Happy New Year to you all x

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Thank you for reading x

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