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Bringing Back bath time…..These words are like music to my ears, ‘inspired by lazy weekends and the power of the bath botanical’, Soak Sunday’s ethos is quietly and calmly, yet loud and clear and I am very on board. So when they very kindly sent a gift of their stand out ranges, all perfected for every mood….. I was delighted to say the least.

If you happen to follow me on Instagram you may think that I spend most of time time swimming in my tub, and yes I am partial to an occasional dip, but it usually is to help remedy a day of work and aching muscle and to scrub off the day. However like most things in today’s busy world, it’s all done rather quickly, in and out and off to the next thing. So you have to get your timings right, there no point in setting it all up to just jump in and out, that is why the Victorians invented the shower. Choose your time wisely and take your time. Sundays are made for being on ‘slow mo’ so why not take Soak Sunday’s approach to slowing down, sinking in, switching off and savouring the moment and sprinkling this into a midweek bath, a Wednesday night or a Thursday morning, add some Sunday spirit and perk up an otherwise bland week.

Soak Sunday’s Midnight Storm Botanical Bath Soak, will add the calm into your bath. Not only does it detox the skin, it calms the mind, giving you an escape from the everyday madness. Vegan, cruelty free 98-100% and created with jojoba and sweet almond oils, the scent is beautiful. The bath oil completely nourishes and rejuvenates the skin and is super moisturising, leaving it feeling hydrated and soft, with the added ginger and sweet basil to balance the mind……and breathe! ! The packaging is beautifully simple for all of Soak Sunday’s products, economically friendly in glass, aluminium & recyclable packaging and looks minimal and chic perching on the bathtub. All win, win, win.

Rose Utopia Botanical Body Scrub, is a 98% natural salt scrub, infused with rose, to soothe, lavender, to relax and calm and sage to balance and calm the mind. Massage onto damp skin and relish the benefits whilst smoothing the skin. The fragrance is incredible and you feel as if you have stepped into spa upon using it, your skin feels smooth and you feel relaxed. Once again …breathe!

Finally to complete the cycle a dab of the Rose Utopia Sleep Balm. I think we can all say at some point in our lives we have all struggled with sleep, especially over the past 18 months. We can do all the right things to get ourselves into the right sleep mode but something can get the mind racing. The Rose Utopia sleep balm can really help to add that extra sense of calm needed and some solace to the mind to help switch off, a blend of rose, sage, jasmine and lavender, dab it onto the pulse points, and let it do its magic….sweet dreams!

So yes let’s bring back bath time, find time to breathe, sink in and switch off…even if it happens to be a Thursday!

Rose Utopia Sleep Balm

Midnight Storm Botanical Bath Soak,

Rose Utopia Botanical Body Scrub

The Soak Sunday collection was kindly gifted .

Thank you for reading x

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