She’s Having A Lovely Time….

It has been a while since I’ve put pen to paper or fingers to keys as they say, for the blog.  With half written adventures aka Rome, part two coming soon,  a glorious weekend in Cornwall, also coming soon, it is not as if I’ve not got any tales to tell so the only excuse I can give you is, I’ve just been having such a lovely, lovely time and quite frankly having the best Summer.

I almost feel Summer went off with a bang from the minute we landed back on home soil from our USA road trip, the sun came out, and stayed out, the mercury rose and then some and then some.  I’m not sure we’ve ever had so many bbq’s or alfresco meals, hot sleepless nights, ice lollies you name it.  The football came and went and was just so exciting, and I can’t quite believe I’m saying that…  Leading on to slow hot, hot Summer days, picnics, trips to the Lido aplenty, too much rosé and lunches at friends, and this was all before mid July. If you have been following me on my 15 seconds of Summer stories on Instagram,  you would have clocked mid July is not even half way through….YES!

So here we are now in mid August and I thought I’d share with you some of the things I have been up to over the past month, trips to the beach, spa days with friends, throw in an amazing 40th birthday bash and so far you have it…

…   Although it maybe a rainy August day ( we can’t complain can we?) we are at that glorious point in the Summer, where we are in it, it is happening, we are happy but there is still so much more to come …..

Lavender and Sunflower Fields

Can you be on Instagram in Summer without being in a Lavender Field? Hmm I’m not sure.  Yes typically cliche but sooo beautiful, and this year we got there on time to see the bright yellow faces and to pick enough Lavender to fill my house. Grab a bag for £5, get your scissors and get cutting.  Then treat yourself to a piece of lemon cake and Earl Grey tea for all your hard work at the end.   Lavender Fields in Hitchin.

Norfolk Beach and Stifkey Stores

The best thing about being self employed is there are the more quieter times to balance out the crazy busy times, and thankfully the former coincides with my niece’s school holidays so, in Enid Blyton style we packed a picnic and drove to the seaside on possibly one of the hottest days of the year. We headed to Hunstanton Beach , now just to clarify head to Old Hunstanton Beach near the old lighthouse.  We did stop off at the main strip of beach which was ok if you like fried food and a showing of Punch & Judy (like how violent ?) but  it was not a touch on Old Hunstanton and it’s gorgeous soft, yellow sand, with a blue pallet of beach huts tucked behind the sand dunes….It was pretty lovely.  With a drive through the countryside along the winding roads away from the coast we found beautiful Stiffkey and the gorgeous Stiffkey stores,  The old Post House has been transformed into a cafe, general store, plants & flowers, interiors the lot!  The cutest garden sheds created to perfect little nooks with freshly cut flowers, take a coffee and a cake and while away the time.  A huge MUST if you are in the area. We came home, covered in sand, salt and suncream, how all good Summer days should end.

Cowley Manor

So a birthday was looming in August, a special one at that and so me and a couple of my good friends headed for some Spa action at the beautiful Cowley Manor. It was basically two days full of swimming boomerangs in the pool, cocktails around the pool, gorgeous treatments, lying in the sun and dinning outside on the hotels breathtaking grounds, talking, laughing and basically having the best time with the best-est of friends…..

Bamford Hay Spa

Okay so yes, it is never ending, but let me just stress this was a special birthday….So off to the Cotswolds again, this time to the Bamford Haybarn Spa, which is a part of Daylesford Farm.  We all (my mum, sister and me) opted for the Destress massage and I have to say it was one of the best treatments in my life, I came home and had a very unintentional 2 hour nap, it zoned me out that much, but all in a wonderful way.  The hour and 15 minute treatment was heaven, followed by lunch in the Daylesford Farm restaurant, oh my the soup, the salad, all organic, healthy, full of utter goodness but absolutely delicious and filling….I felt like a brand new person on leaving….  A potter around the shops, flowers, food-hall and of course buying homemade cakes and biscuits for the drive home, you could say it was a delightful day…. it is the sort of place that just makes you breathe out as soon as you arrive…..beautiful!

So Summer of 2018 we’ve still 39 days to go but you are a very close contender to being one of the best Summers of my life.

Dress|ZaraRed striped skirt | Asos

Thank you for reading xx

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