I’m with her ….

What’s the greatest lesson a woman should learn?

that since day one. She’s already had everything

she needs within herself. it’s the world that convinced her she did not.

-rupi kaur


As we are all aware The Womens’ March against Trump swept the globe, women leading, women uniting, voicing  their intelligent and thought provoking and pivotal opinions, often with great wit.   Hundreds of thousands of people protesting together in the name of equality and equal rights as well as economic opportunity and civil rights.  Women from Washington to  London, to Israel to  Australia,  globally came together to continue this battle, that same old, exhausting battle we were fighting in 1917.  But why aren’t we past this and why are women still being treated so differently?  It is sad and scary that a man of such high position, not only has outdated and offensive views and voices them but has the power to regress and undo decades of progression.

I was humbled and emotionally moved by the global marches, the support, strength and energy from Saturday was powerful, visceral and inspiring.  Seeing all these women from all ages, races and backgrounds, making a stand and influencing me, remind me of the women that are in my life everyday who also make a difference.

There are so many incredible women out there who have influenced  my life, many powerful, many vocal and visible but also the women that are in my own circle. These women not just daily but every minute walk all over the President of The United States’ pathetic and archaic opinions.

My girl friends that have carved successful careers off their own backs. From teachers, to  radio presenters to retail managers to performers, to artists, solicitors, physiotherapists, academics,  physiologists, office managers. The hard work and sweat, tears, the unknown, the challenge the sheer determination and confidence of these women in my life is nothing less than brilliant!

 To my friends who have become mothers, those women that took the ultimate and brave decision to put their successful and influential careers aside, or on hold to look after and care for their babies, their patience, skills and love, this should be celebrated, not put down.  With this bold and at times difficult decision,  these women are steering and guiding the next generation of girls and boys who will know the strength of their mother as she is teaching them right from wrong, social responsibility, respect for all and acceptance.

To my friends  juggling careers and children, and some on their own, my goodness I do not know how you do it.  How do you fit all that into one day or one hour?  How do you keep all those plates spinning so effortlessly in the air and still manage to do all of the above and hold down a job of high demand, responsibility and hard graft!

To the little women in my life, my niece and God daughter, these smart, creative and kind little ladies who I hope are going to be whoever and whatever they want to be in the future. My  kind, bright, cheeky, independent,  funny 2 year old niece will grow up to value what women do, as she has a mother that has a million plates spinning in the air.  These caring, kind, strong woman along with all my friends don’t quite realise how fab they are.

Okay a curve ball here…..To my dad who never once thought that having two daughters was a disappointment, showed me the importance of creativity and hard work, my gender was not important.

My mum who didn’t ever tire of support and unconditional love to her daughters. Who taught us to never expect less than any man, who held down jobs, and never missed a school play or a dinner time. With emphasis on the value of love, kindness and inclusivity.

I am continuously motivated by all these peoples’ strengths, dedication and commitment. They inspire me to find a different perspective and to value and celebrate their talents, skills and most of all their support and empowerment.

So yes, I am hugely inspired by Saturday’s events and championing women, from the NHS nurses, Red Cross volunteers, to school teachers.  To women of history and of today, Emmeline Pankhurst, Malala Yousafzai, Amelia Earhart, Sonia Gandhi, Michelle Obama!

  This isn’t only happening on one Saturday in  vast sweeping motions but everyday all over the world.  Like the women in my inner circle, the fight doesn’t always have to come in placards, slogans and chants (no matter how creative and full of wit ), it is not always about big speeches or angry tweets.  We can all fight, everyday in our own way however small.   We can challenge patriarchy, sexism and misogyny.  We can teach our daughters, sons, nieces and nephews the value and importance of equality and we can most definitely  make our voices heard!

So to my friends, strangers and everybody else, let’s highlight the real stuff,  let’s celebrate the admiral stuff, the important stuff, the real shit!

If we women have each others backs to support each other and empower one another we can celebrate the fab men in our lives, as our equals in life, love, work, friendship and in our fight against those that still today want to oppress us.

For whilst that crazy haired, misogynistic, narcissist and his mates across the pond are dangerous for women, if this weekend highlighted anything, it is that we women and our men are far more dangerous to them, than they maybe anticipated!


Thank you for reading  x

 Photograph from Pintrest



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