Beside The Seaside-Whistable

So by the end of the first week of January I had quite simply broken nearly all the resolutions I had quietly made, felt completely uninspired and not particularly motivated. Screw New Years Eve being a let down, the first days of January can most definitely be, the festivities are over and it’s just very, very grey; I just wanted to crawl back to bed!

In light of a little pick me up / a huge kick up the backside, we thought a change of scene would be good and headed for the coast for some good ole sea air! If you read my Bucket List for 2017 you would have seen the Habour Town of Whistable on there, so we thought we’d get on that list ASAP!



After a two hour drive  which included a flat tyre, a garage find and replacement tyre, (nothing was stopping us) we finally reached the quaint  little habour town of Whistable.  Hurrah!  As soon as we parked up, with seagulls and Fisherman’s huts and the smell of the sea we were whipped straight into seaside life.  The grey skies, didn’t let the day down, in fact  was almost a blessing as the town was slightly quieter.  We spent a few hours walking along the bay, breathing in that seaside air, taking a peek at the Fisheman’s Huts and having house envy of the beach side properties…..We had coffees at the Windy Corner Cafe and sat in a perfect little corner, complete with a fairy light lit window, before heading back out to the cold to meander along the high street. The Victorian town was an array of cafes, boutique shops and small galleries, and of course fish and chip shops, which we did not turn down, who would?….Nothing like a bag of chips by the sea! It’s the simple things…














After some oysters (Wes not me ) at The Forge on the sea front, we were just left to eat and ice cream (me not Wes) complete with a flake on the beach, (never to cold for an ice cream) as the tide  and the fishermen came back in. On a separate note I can imagine The Forge to be a pretty cool place to while away an afternoon drinking bubbles and eating ice cream in the summer….We will be back….












So a day of escape, a few hours by the sea, oysters, ice cream and fish and chips, was the best way to jump start me into the New Year. Forget the resolutions, peace and calm and a different  scene,  now that makes me more in tune with the start of January!

The resolutions are still broken/breaking  but there is nothing like the view out to the sea to give a little perspective….and even with grey skies it was pretty good!


And as for my `Bucket List, this one is staying on there, as I think a visit in all seasons will really tick it off!

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I try to capture a moment albeit it grand or seemingly insignificant, so it can last just that little bit longer…

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