Bohemian Luxury at the San Giorgio, Mykonos

Light, calm, beautiful.

The Greek Islands have always been a bit of a special place for us, we have so many wonderful memories of our trips over the years to where the water is bluest and the paths the windiest and the feta the tastiest….So when we decided it was time to return to this part of the world, the Cyclades won us over once more.  Paros has long been on our bucket list for its blue domes, white washed buildings and friendliest locals but it is not easy to fly direct so we thought some time in Mykonos via EasyJet would be a great way to commence the holiday. After filing away San Giorgio, Mykonos from a Conde Nast article a couple of years back, I knew just where I wanted to stay!


Flying into Mykonos is a treat in itself, bagsy the window seat if you can, to get the best introduction to the white cubed houses and the blue sea… Ahhh Greece!  San Giorgio is a eight minute drive from the airport, so nice an easy.  Having had a very early flight, we just wanted to collapse as soon as possible by the pool, but on entering the hotel, you are immediately energised by the oh so friendly staff, all so beautiful and so chilled, yes we had reached our haven. We wanted to take in every element of this bohemian luxury….Possibly my two favourite words!


The hotel is set with in the typical Myknonian stylistic, white cubist architecture,  it’s simple and organic style is modern but evokes a synthesis with the history and the tradition of the island.  There are 32 rooms, from double to suites all with a very relaxed, individual and bohemian feel, with Arcadian features and and organic materials. The rooms are very, light, spiritual, evoking a beautiful calm. Once again the muse to those home goals. 


The energy of the rooms flows through out the hotel from the open plan reception to the library.  White, calm, serenity fills the space with hand picked pieces and furniture, with reds and pinks popping out from the rugs and cushions, complete with the friendliest cat making himself super comfortable.


After dropping off our bags, we headed straight for the pool, a pool with warm oceanic water, and the back drop of the Aegean blue, blue, sea.  Deck chairs, hammocks, hand crafted wooden sun beds and palm trees surround the pool.  So with sun cream on, books out and smoothies ordered we settled in for the afternoon, complete with friendly local cat, constantly distracted by the view and the excitement of being back on the Greek Islands. 



We were not all that lazy and managed to tear ourselves away from the pool to walk down to the hotels deck for  a dip in the sea.  The sea is nestled between the rocks, the water is so inviting, sunbathe on the warm rocks or deck or just dive right in,  it’s oh so elegant getting in the water but getting out not so….apologies to those around us,  as I was literally pushed out via my derrière, not my finest moment!


So after a shower and change we headed for the bar for pre dinner drinks,  watching the sunset with a couple of beers, completely in awe of the ‘pinkest’ sky I ever did see.


Dinner was at Scorpios, a zen, communal and super stylish beach club and restaurant, which we felt had a very strong Tulum vibe, with the terrace and stone steps which double up (with the right type of cushion) as a sunset gathering spot, drinks continuously flowing way into  the evening as you look down on to the water.   The open aired beach restaurant serves a delicious Greek menu we tucked into a Meze of Tzatiki, Feta salad, meat balls and smoked yogurt and baked tomatoes.  Local, organic and very, very tasty, all washed down with greek wine…. of course.


So full to the brim , the best way to be, after a very chilled and slow dinner, our heads hit the pillow happily and peacefully.


Breakfasts of fresh fruit, cakes and pastries and of course coffee started our day in the whiter than white and navy themed restaurant, a calm and fluid area, with hand made wooden tables and the coolest wicker hanging lamp shades;  design and thought at its best.  We then went ahead and simply and more than happily hit the repeat button from the day before.  The chilled, bohemian Greek way of life did not take us long to muster.


Some may say that Mykonos recently has been hugely influenced by commercialism, it can be so busy and immensely crowded in the height of summer that maybe the authenticity of the island has got lost a little.  On that note an excerpt from the San Giorgio websites highlights, 

“Today’s travellers expect more than just the standardised comfort and convenience, they are looking for a true and authentic experience. People are not seeking for luxury in a traditional definition anymore. The word luxury is overused and irrelevant since talk of luxury has become cheap” 

For us the San Giorgio is a pocket of tradition, holding onto the soul of Mykonos, with style and energy but still perfectly conserving the true, authentic and integral identity of the  Cyclade Island………And was the absolute best way to start our Greek adventure!


Thank you to all the staff at San Giorgio, and especially for driving us to the port  in their own car when the transfers fell through….we made it and did not miss our boat- hurrah!

We booked the San Giorgio through but you can book directly through their website   Our flights were booked through We flew from Gatwick to Mykonos.

Dress: Topshop and Zara,


Sunglasses: Rayban, 

Bikini: Oysho and H&M,   

More from the Greek Islands soon….

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