Finding the Autumn Love – October Favourites

If you have read my last few posts you may have switched on to my hesitance to the change of season.  It is not that I dislike this time of year, the colours, the crisp mornings, Sunday dinners replacing BBQ’s, you can literally laze on the sofa watching catch up TV and boxsets guilt free  (I’m hooked on The Missing and Wes is hooked to a level I’ve never seen on Stranger Things) long walks, new season boots and thick coats, the list goes on and I’m pro it!  It just takes me a while to get there,  after all I’m mourning the Summer and all that comes with it. But as the nights draw darker and the work load heavier, you just sometimes need a slightly frivolous treat to make it all worth while.

My friend and I were discussing how just a change around of the furniture or adding some fresh flowers or a candle to the room, can be a motivator, and of course, kind to the purse strings. A flick through Pinterest and Instagram can just lift me for a moment, a while or even the whole day.  A new shade of nail varnish or a new way of doing my hair, all simple but some how can change my mood….Of course I am well aware of how ridiculously lucky and privileged I am in a global sense, we have heating, hot water and food on the table and I absolutely one hundred percent know I am being slightly affected by needing a little bit of ‘lovely’ to change my mood or mindset.  But every now and then surely it is okay to feel in need of a little lift, because maybe we have worked nearly every weekend this month, or the trains have been delayed yet again, you’ve had no sleep and are just simply tired, or like me you think October sucks a little….So a few of the below may lift your spirits or take you away somewhere as they do me, and you never know may be an idea for a, dare  I say it ‘Christmas’ gift….Of course I am no where near ready for that!

Love Jaipur, Rajasthan by Fiona Caulfield.

There is never a time when I am not thinking about travel and the next big trip.  The Rajasthan has been on my travel bucket list for so long, we were so close to booking last March, we had the trip planned out but we could just not make it happen.  So it is back on that list and jumping out at me yet again and with the beautifully created Love Jaipur, Rajasthan by Fiona Caulfield assisting me in my guidance.  The book is aimed towards conscious travel in India,  printed on handmade paper and made in Jaipur. The  hand-crafted guide is a must for any Luxury Vagabond, or perhaps just a beautiful book to flick through. So maybe next year will be the year…Watch this space!





Cowshed Nail Varnish.

Well I do adore anything Cowshed and this perfect colour can make a grey October day ….a little less grey!

Zara Home Towels

We are in the mids of giving our little abode some well earned TLC anything Zara Home just makes me happy. These are happily scattered on our bath tub, they remind me of the linen in Italian bathrooms, so transporting my tiny British Victorian Terrace to the Med, yet again travel dreaming…….The small things!



Coco Mademoiselle

…. Is my most favourite scent, I was recently given a fresh new bottle to wear and if honest I am just as happy looking at it.  A scent can take you all over the place, many a happy a times had and to be had all in a beautiful bottle.


Missoma Rose Gold Hoops

I coveted these earrings for so long and was lucky enough to receive them as a gift, who doesn’t love a hoop earring, a piece of jewellery that goes with all possible outfits and events and in rose gold as well….. The fantastic part is that with this North Star collection by Lucy Williams, 20% of each piece sold is donated to the Well Being Of Women …….October favourite and January to December favourite!  Did you spot the missing back though….?





CocoFour Candles

So this was my little weekend addition, a perfectly homemade, natural soya wax, Cedar and Jasmine scented candle from Coco Four.  These candles are  renewable resources and are  healthier for humans, pets and the environment, all big ticks plus they look and smell divine!  A candle can motivate me to do big clean, transform a Saturday night stay in and a Sunday morning brunch or can even make invoicing and admin more pleasurable …..  Don’t ask!

…..Oh an here for the cliche conclusion, I feel that it is okay to have  a few pick me up quirks, if the trains were never delayed  would we appreciate these little favourites or what these little favourites do, and where these little favourites sit in the same way?…  I tell you these products don’t just sell themselves!

Autumn Favourites!/3!!



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I try to capture a moment albeit it grand or seemingly insignificant, so it can last just that little bit longer…

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