It’s All A Facade

I swear sometimes if you catch me midweek, in-between classes, dashing into the supermarket or God help you the end of the day, you would think wow! What is she wearing? What has she been up to? And maybe even, did she actually leave the house like that? The answer yes, yes I did!!   Working in dance I am constantly in tracks suit, or joggers, old jumpers and t-shirts, hair piled up,  socks pulled up,  possibly just one trouser leg tucked into one sock, mascara and eyeliner half way down my face and all finished off  with the scent of sweat, my sweat and most possibly anyone else’s that I’ve worked with that day….Yes a vision!  I find myself apologising for my appearance if I run into someone who has nothing to do with work.  I sometimes feel the need to tell people that there is another me, someone who actually can look pretty presentable when all scrubbed up, but then sometimes I like to keep that side of me a little secret, because it’s all a facade people, this sweaty mess actually takes time on her hair, her skin and her body (Not her nails though, I’ve  always been a bit rubbish there)

It’s all the hidden good habits that give me that good old confidence  to not really give a toss, that my hair is thrown all over my face, skin wet with sweat, and the fact the body is wearing socks with holes in… So although my appearance maybe fooling, I’ve treated what is underneath it pretty well.

So here goes a few of my hidden beauty habits and the products that give me that nudge to feel ok with one sock tucked in my joggers!




Hair Care:

Like most, I’ve had a love hate relationship with my hair.  The year I got married, I think my hair was possibly in the best condition it had ever been in. Eight months of regular cuts and treatments and the right shampoos did the trick, but like most good habits, as soon as the I do’s were said the hair care took a back seat.  A few years later and and a little disappointed with my colouring and dullness of hair,  my friend urged me to try the Daniel Galvin salons, this I did, so the right colourist, advice plus a weekly meeting in my bathroom with the Nounou Hair Mask,  I’m  finally coming to a happy place with my hair.

The Nounou Hair Mask, part of the Davines Essential Haircare collection, is completely ideal for my part bleached and highlighted main.  It’s designed deeply nourish treated, tired and dry hair, with a citrusy, spicy and aromatic note, it smells amazing.  The treatment is really thick and just feels really yummy when applied all over your hair, it’s as if my hair takes a huge sigh of relief. Depending on time I leave it in from 5-10 minutes once a week, my hair has grown super quick but simultaneously leaving the colour behind…..So I’m happy lady!  I’m also itching to try their shampoos too. Watch this space!


Body care:

I’ve always been a fan of Neal’s Yard products, and not just for the perfect little bottles which are bathroom shelf level, and not to be hidden away!  These lotions and potions all smell incredible, and the thickness of product in body cream and bath/shower gel is like treacle…making the 5 minute shower in the morning a that little more luxurious.  After going through a good couple of months of pretty pathetic sleep I’m massively drawn to the Jasmine and Ylang Ylang which my mum kindly gave me.  The smell of Jasmine has been proved to help the quality of sleep and reducing anxiety levels, all required for a good night of solid dreaming….So I liberally pour into a bath at night and keep the body cream next to my bed, just for a little extra comfort, good practice for those ZZZ’s!




Face and Eye Care :

If you saw my post on the delicious Sister & Co Matcha and Green Tea scrub you will be happy to hear I have kept my New Years Resolution!  Two or three times a week I indulge with this, gorgeous lemon grass scent!  More on this here.  Additionally, I am also addicted to the Liz Earle eye Cream and Eye Bright Soothing Lotion.  Always a huge fan of anything Liz Earle, I’ve been using the Cleanse & Polish for a good few years now, but the girl in her thirties (possibly late) also needs a little help around the eye area.  The SuperSkin Eye Cream I apply daily, which  lifts, firm and brighten the eye contours and also hydrates…I can get on board with that!  Additionally the Eye Bright Lotion with Aloe Vera, can provide such a relief to tired, puffy eyes from constant make up coming on and off,  it is super soothing, simple in a lovely way and the scent itself is so calming.    A little tip from Liz Earle herself, was to keep it in the fridge for an even more soothing application….Tired eyes no more!





So although I may look like a bit of a daily mess, underneath the chaos is a person who regularly partakes in luxury preening, has looked after hair and cared for skin …..And all finished off with a litres and litres of water…so no judging this book by its cover….And like everything it’s whats underneath that matters…..It’s all a facade!



Body Products Neal’s Yard

Eye Care: Liz Earle

Hair Care by NOUNOU Hair Mask

Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub by Sister Co skin

Jewellery by Missoma

Night Wear by Old Topshop

Thank you for reading x

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