If The ‘T’ Shirt Fits

I’ve got T-Shirts I’ve had for years, from huge and baggie styled ones I could wear as a dress, to good old freebies from jobs Wes or I have done over the years (God I love a free t-shirt what’s that about?)   to T-shirts  I picked up travelling. There is a super oversized and now very old T-shirt from Airlie Beach, Australia, in my drawer.  I know it will never see my back again but there is no way I’m throwing it out.  So what is it about a T-shirt that has that hold on me more than any other garment, and for some reason these cotton threads never seem to leave my wardrobe, it’s as if they’ve claimed squatters rights in there.   However old and tatty they may be, they become a comfort, something to chill out in, or to sleep in, some that are not even yours, aka Wes’ (they are the best and the most comfortable)  and of course those now in existence just to sit at the bottom of the pile, to never been worn again,  but just cannot be thrown out.

We’ve all seen that episode of Friends when Rachel & Ross argue over the Frankie Can Relax T-shirt….We all have one of those,  need I say more!

I think T-shirts can be like jeans, super personal and have to have just the right fit.  My very old red cap sleeve T-shirt is my most treasured, looks good with everything and fits like a dream however a bad body day I’m having,  but it is  sadly holding on to its last thread.  So when I stumbled across the perfect crew neck T-shirt at the launch of the new Uniqlo U Range by Christophe Lemaire, all geared towards reinventing the basics, but far from basic in that quest,  I knew it could be  a pretty good choice but of course never a replacement, my red T-shirt is going no where.  But back to the Uniqlo U, in perfect pale pink, wearing it injected a shot of spring and sunshine to my day, making me feel both are not so far away.

I love the crew neck, hinting towards the late 70’s early 80’s an era of fashion I naturally  lean to, the cap sleeves a with compact and clean, slightly fitted silhouette.  It is also made with slightly thicker cotton, nothing see through here.  All necessities to the longevity of a  T-shirt, as well as making me I feel I want to jump on my bike 80’s style,  grab my Converse, Aviators and GO, GO, GO! ….  A little tip, they come up pretty big so maybe gown a size ….Always a nice feeling and at a price you can’t seriously argue with.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

So who knows if this pastel pink crew neck T-shirt will be in my collection in another few years…..Only time will tell…..But I’m thinking it’s got a pretty good chance!

T-shirt – Uniqlo 

Thank you for reading x

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