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The word detox pops up pretty frequently this time of year.  January, the time to clear off all vices, sins and bad habits.  Clean everything from body, to house,  to mind, even the cat is taking the stairs three steps at a time…House and mind I am on board with (although the latter is a work in progress)…. But the body, now the body! Yes I get it, the need to jump start the energies, get rid of the sugar and a want for those skinny jeans to not be dangerously cutting off the circulation….However a January filled with no chocolate, no comfort and  quite frankly no fun, is a little too harsh for me. I wish I could say I was ‘that’ constantly motivated girl, but I feel I may have left her in my early 30’s ….Guilt, oh yes there is guilt (hence the mind thang) but you know if we were all the same wouldn’t it be a very boring place.

However a thoughtful Christmas Gift of Sister & Co. Skin Food, from the lovely Caroline of Clean Little Tummies Happy Mummies, always one step ahead of the game for Clean Living, maybe the solution to my resolution.  The Raw Coconut & Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub ticks the detox for the body externally and internally and all in a delightful indulgence detox way I can get on board with this month.




The 100% natural and organic  Japanese matcha contains way more antioxidants than you would get in a cup of green tea, it detoxes, is kind to damaged skin brought on by all those festive parties, central heating and cold weather of late.  It also fights bacteria, which is a big tick in my book!  The scrub is packed with those fresh, clean, beautiful scents and ingredients that you just want to lather into your skin to work its magic; lemongrass, jasmine, rosemary oil, coconut oil, raw coconut oil, loose leaf green tea and pink Jimaylan salt all creating  a potion of goodness, is feast for the senses (yes it smells mouthwateringly tasty ) and….. of course for the skin.  The Lemongrass literally took me straight back to an amazing holiday we had in Thailand back in 2005, which can never be a bad thing in my book. The mask was pretty rough on appliance but without sounding too enthusiastic really left my skin super, super soft….surprisingly soft if I’m honest! It’s a hit and also left my bathroom smelling pretty lush!







So I may still be eating the forbidden white flour and not the coconut flour, prefer a super strong coffee ( and more than one a day) to the Green Tea variety but my skin will reap the benefits of a January Detox and and will slowly influence the rest of my habits as I patiently wait for my mind to catch up with my body…..I’ll get there….

 In the meantime, I aim for 2-3 days a week to be spent with the The Raw Coconut & Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub,  feeding goodness into my skin, dreaming of Thailand, in my bathroom, where I will take the stairs 3 at a time to get there!


The Raw Coconut & Matcha Green Sugar Scrub: Sister & Co.



If you are doing a lot better than I when it comes to Clean Living, check out Clean Little Tummies Little Mummies for some fab, tasty and achievable food ideas….  Just as good for grown up tummies too!


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