The Perks of being a Hoarder

Throwing things away from clothes, to old books, to birthday cards, to receipts is something I find very difficult, you see you just never know when you may need all these things.  So I fight between wanting that clutter free living and keeping all things I have ever owned….When you live in a house with no loft space, this can become tricky. However when the sunshine hit last week and then continued and then continued,  I was pretty pleased to be that hoarder.

If you are a regular reader of this blog or follow my Insta feed, you will see that I have more than happily made the odd Summer dress purchase or four this year.  Torn between wanting to be  the vision of all things summery and breezy in these new frocks, (reality is more sweaty and creased)  and wanting to save pieces for holidays and parties etc.. I thought I’d do the obvious and hit the ASOS next day delivery button to prepare myself for the impending heat.  But something did not sit well with this, a bit of a realisation of having the need to have something new every time there is a slight change of activity or in this case the weather, is pretty sad and slightly missing the point.  I love, Love, LOVE a new dress, bag, top as much as the next person but really do I always  always need something new,  because the sun comes out, or as a way to perk myself up, or even worse to feel perfect and shiny for that day…That perfection doesn’t exist and nor do the funds to match it!

But all is good, as luckily I am that great believer in keeping, saving and hoarding.  Finding these two Summer dresses and  Summer skirt at the back of my cupboard,  saved the week of Summer Solstice.  You can care a little less, you can tie up and shrug up the skirts, you can sit and play around and not care about grass stains, strawberry stains, ice cream stains.  And mostly you can care a little less, yes you might not be as shiny and perfect looking but this way you can have way more fun!

The Striped Dress- Forever a WinnerPurchased 2015








The 70’s style Cotton Maxi –Purchased Summer 2008







Cotton Striped Asymmetric Midi Skirt – Purchased Summer 2003







As always these material things and  ‘new’ purchases and keeping up with fashion and the Jones’ or whoever, are not what is important and….Well somethings never really do go out of style, especially if it’s knowing how to have a bloody good time whatever you are wearing!

I will no doubt be excited to buy, wear and blog about new things in the next few weeks, and still covert over friends’ and Instagram wardrobes,  but it’s also kinda cool to take a moment, hunt through the wardrobe and see what you’ve got, be happy with your lot, be happy with yourself and be a good old fashioned hoarder !

Thank you for reading x

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I try to capture a moment albeit it grand or seemingly insignificant, so it can last just that little bit longer…

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