Because It’s Always Time For a Cocktail….

Yes I was that girl on Saturday night, when yet again the snow came sweeping in from Siberia for the majority of the night, making it yet again not feel like Spring, very bloody cold and not at all appropriate weather for wearing a pair of gold strappy sandals!  In my defence because of mad work schedules, I had to plan the night and all that it entailed way before the whispers of more snow were in the air.  With looks from all sorts as I walked in, strangers and even friends to be fair, I thought maybe if I’d have had time to go home first, would I have  maybe had a rethink?………..Err NO!  NO to those sensible (slightly judgey) people, NO to the snow, No to those who though I was a bit of a twit… ……But YES to just having fun and living on a Saturday night, (albeit it could have been a different story if I’d have slipped over )

But come on , what fun is life if you can’t add a strappy pair of gold sandals to your evening, even if they were hidden under the dinner table most of the night, I knew they were there, and I’m all about dressing for me, not for men, or for other women, just for me……

…….and well  it’s always time for a cocktail and a pair of strappy sandals somewhere, whether it is snowing or not…..











Thank you for reading x

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I try to capture a moment albeit it grand or seemingly insignificant, so it can last just that little bit longer…

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