The Satin Circle

The last time I wore this exact outfit, a couple of weeks ago, my sister said to me, “You look like Year 11 Laura, you know when you tried to get into Shades, ( the local night club) and didn’t get in?”  As you do , I took this backhanded compliment and mustered it into a realisation that my 70’s and 90’s perchance just keeps doing the rounds again and again, leading to ask, why on earth my mum threw out all of her clothes, and AMAZING they were, from the 1970’s to then repeat the cycle again, throwing out all all my clothes from the 1990’s?……With then the next burning question being, What on earth was I doing wearing a jumper  at 15 to a night club?  There lies the answer of why I didn’t get in perhaps?

Happily I can say that for the most part my clubbing days are over(ish) so a woolly knit and a satin skirt,  however Year 11 it may be, has done full circle.  Although this time &Other Stories nailed the best cut and feel of the black silk skirt, which swishes and swooshes as it should.    So, what have we learnt? 1) Do not ever throw anything away, forever be a proud hoarder, 2) Embrace the full circle and continue to indulge in 70’s/90’s, especially when the 80’s and 00’s are sprinkled in… and finally 3) Yes, it may have not been a great night club look, but maybe 40 year old Laura was bursting to get out in Year 11?!…….? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps!

Skirt | & Other Stories

Jumper | Pull & Bear

Boots | Asos

Thank you for reading x

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