Summer to Winter Transition with BIODERMA

I think every year at this point I have a mini meltdown (dramatic of course) over how tired, grey and old I look. The sun tan has well and truly washed off and has been replaced with dry, dehydrated, scaly skin, bin bags under the eyes and skin a shade of grey that does say 50 rather than a young and spritely….. 40! The heating going on, the body covered up and suffocated, the lack of sunshine from the implosion of darkness, (anyone else feel the need to go to bed at 5pm?) is what does it and well I am a forever a Summer girl and quite frankly annually need adjustment into the winter season.

Luckily BIODERMA is there to assist me with this transition and very kindly sent me a few of their new products to try out, to help my dried out skin, tired eyes and grey in colour face and basically hold my hand through the bereavement of Summer….

Over the years I have tried and tested a lot of Bioderma products and haven’t been let down yet.  I really like the science behind the brand with their informed knowledge into healthy skin, taking into consideration all the skins cells and the imbalances. They are all about finding solutions to preserve the health and beauty of the skin….a winning combo and tend to eliminate  parabens, phthalates, formol, formaldehyde, their products and all their plastic is recycable.   It is definitely for me a trustworthy brand who know their stuff, which will also not break the bank, we have all spent money on ‘THE” product to have to then be disappointed and broke! Bioderma is not that and perfect for everyday…..and well it’s French and who doesn’t want to pretend they are a chic French woman? (just me ?).

So luckily I got to give the Atoderm Shower Oil, The Hydrabio Gel Cream and the Hydrabio H2O  a go.

Atoderm Shower Oil , this shower oil is soft, creamy and silky and feels really nourishing on the skin and just has a really nice feel to it.  Slightly scented so not at all over powering, sensitive and gentle on the skin.  My husband has quite sensitive skin and can only use a few shower gels as most react badly with his skin, this shower oil however was fine for him….Which was also a little annoying as he used most of it up!  The oil also didn’t dry out my skin,  I always have to lather myself in body cream after a shower as my skin can feels too dry and tight but really less so with this. So refreshing, light and hydrating and maybe even allowed that Summer glow feel to continue a little longer.

The Hydrabio Gel Cream,I always, always, always use a face moisturiser, this is really the area where my skin gets dehydrated the most.  The Hydrabio Cream works at solving dehydration, which is perfect for skin which has been exposed to the sun,  particularly this  year after the constant, amazing hot Summer we had, great for everything but perhaps the face.  The cream seems to hydrate quite intensely, smoothing out the skin….And here comes the science bit: It includes Vitamin PP which strengthens skin resistance and also uses apple seed extract which stimulates the natural channels allowing water flow within the skin. Finally the words we all want to hear,  a big dose of Vitamin E which combats premature ageing…..Hurrah! I really did notice a difference after using this and even admit that it added a little of that Summer glow back.

Hydrabio H2O, so it all has to start with a good eye and make up remover, we all know not to sleep in our make up (although sometimes I have to admit I can let this slip, but it is never my fault)  I digress, some make-up removers can totally dry out my face especially around my eyes, and then just leaves me looking tired and old dry! This H20 miracle solution does the opposite and actually does take off eye make up, so many times I thought I’d removed the day/evenings make-up to then get out of the shower with blacker eyes than Alice Cooper.  Not anymore, my heavy metal days are over!

So there you have it, the Summer might be at least 6 months away but there are a few lotions and potions to keep us and our skin going, glowing, nourished and of course youthful until then.

Many thanks to BIODERMA for the gifts.

Atoderm Shower Oil,

The Hydrabio Gel Cream 

 Hydrabio H2O

Thank you for reading x

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