Goldilocks and the…. Three potions!

Finding the right face cream is as personal as how you take your porridge in the morning in my opinion, so just like Goldilocks, it really has to be just right.  Over the years I have tried and tested, loved and dis-loved  many a different moistures and skin care regimes,  from cheap as chips, like good old Nivea, which I think I nearly gave one beautician a small cardiac arrest during a facial,  in admission to this…oops!  To also trying  some more high brow brands which at times in price meant that may be less was spent on food that month ahem! All had pros and cons for my typical combination skin, but if it wasn’t too heavy on the skin, it was definitely too heavy on the purse strings.  But as always Avené popped into my life, via friends and Instagram feeds and it seems to have ticked the box on every level. Avené is all about gentle, hydrating and simple skin care, and really easily available, they even stock it in a tiny chemist in the tiny little town I live in….I know shocker!

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Number one, it is affordable, a serum of only £16 like come on!  So since Christmas Day I’ve been using the Skin Recovery Cream, the Soothing Eye Contour Cream and the Hydrance Intense Serum, which is just delicious!   None of Avené products are  heavily perfumed, they are just calming, clean, gentle and effective.  Again all contain minimum ingredients, and the Skin Recovery Cream, feels soothing and totally hydrates the skin, so there is no feelings of tightness whatsoever, it just protects and restores and balances out the skin- just lovely!

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Along with the above I’m also using the Serum and this I love, Love, LOVE!  I’m aware I say this about most products but I really do, I really do!  I  also know I keep harping on about affordable prices but it has to be said what a bloody good price!  But I digress,  the Serum, is formulated with Avène Thermal Spring Water, which (here comes the science bit) is clinically proven to soothe and soften skin, replenishing, hydrating the skin which feels really long lasting. Literally I feel my face almost sing when I apply it.   You only need a little bit too.  I think you could get away with just using once a day, but with everyday pollution, the central heating being whacked up and in opposition the cold weather taking it’s toll, I’m doubling up and drinking up this magic potion at the moment.

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Finally I am also using the soothing eye cream to finish off.  Approaching a particular birthday (well it’s like 8 months away) the eye cream is perhaps more of a necessity than a want and is so far showing great for reducing puffiness and tired eyes. Again just a little bit needed just dap it around the contour of the eyes and eyelids and hey presto,  all with a price to make you smile with relief.  (Soz had to re mention it)

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So along with drinking endless glasses of water, using these three potions is well, a triple threat to any other skin regimes out there and the only part of my body which isn’t feeling the wrath of this cold, cold winter…..

…So I have to say in true Goldilocks stylee  these products from Avené are just right!

Eye Contour Cream

Skin Recovery Cream

Intense Serum

Thank you for reading x

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