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I can sometimes find the ‘Autumns’ and ‘Springs’ a bit of an interlude to the big events (seasons) of the year….I confess I am a complete summer chick right to the bones, meaning that I am prone to seasonal blues,   well until the Christmas seasons rocks up all twinkly, warm and inviting!  I like things to just be, and sometimes October can be full of contradictions, it’s sunny but cold, you want to detox from your the hedonistic summer months (in preparation for party dresses ) but at the same time comfort food calls very loudly. Summer fun is over so you book in nights out to look forward to but really you just want to hibernate in front of comfort television (YES to Strictly)  You want to save money (yet again for the looming festivities) but Zara’s new season makes that so very difficult.  You want to show off the last bit of your fading summer tan and sun kissed hair but in reality your tan fading skin and birds nest hair is dryer than the sand you were lounging on and is also calling for hibernation.   Indulgence is what summer and winters are all about, of course in different ways,  so why not find  those moments to indulge in October….Such ‘first world’ problems, I know! But finding those comforting parallels is my happy answer to the interlude months. So indulge, run the bath, turn off the phone and grab a plethora of scrumptious products…





I am a little bit of a Liz Earle fan, have been since receiving a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. The Cleanse and Polish is one of my favourites, just a small drop of this massaged into your face, washing away the dirt of the day, the past season with a warm hot cloth is completely ‘spa- licious’ and one you can have everyday.    I recently came across  the Instant Boost and Skin Tonic Spritzer,  just a healthy spray of this over your face and body with luscious scents of Aloe Vera, cucumber and rose-scented Geranium, oh what a tonic and it’s just spray on and oh so easy.  This product completely transcends you to a luxury spa, anywhere you wish, the choice is yours!



I have been a huge fan of the Cowshed products and spa for years now, their natural, organic and botanical products can transform the dreariest of days, liberally pouring this into the hot bath is one of life’s guilty pleasures.  I love the ‘Knackered Cow’ the best, (not because I relate at all!!) Liberally pour as it states on the bottle, yes pour, pour away….Just a mist of lavender and eucalyptus laziness happening here…




Argan + Moroccan Rose Body Butter, now this is a scent of summer, but it smells amazing, it is rich, thick and super hydrating,  I love it and my dry skin needs some ‘summer lovin’ all year round.  It’s an affordable treat that you can get in Waitrose which makes this even better.




Who isn’t a fan of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream, when I don’t have mine on me, I feel almost as panicky as I do when I don’t have my phone (ridic, I know!) My lovely friend kindly added to my addiction for my birthday with this hand cream and I can now say I am hooked.


Always happiest when a scented candle is burning, my faves are of course Cowshed and Diptyque but this True Grace is a gorgeous, fig scented, warm aroma.  This candle moves around the house with me and sits nicely in every room….(hence why it’s nearly all gone) I always like to keep the jars too and fill them with flowers or cotton wool.





So let’s embrace the comfort,  so post bath, just grab those Maltesers, collapse in front of the television and wrap yourself in a new fluffy jumper….(from Zara of course)…..and let those applied ‘lotions and potions’ do their work….So by Christmas we are as sparkly as ever.  …..Although sometimes the supporting act can be as good as, or even better than the headliner….. So I concur….Whatever the season, indulge in the comfort and indulge like a connoisseur.



Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish:

Argan + Moroccan Rose Body Butter:

Cowshed Knackered Cow :

True Grace Candles:

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