‘The’ Pink Corduroy Trousers….

If it isn’t snaps of people’s feet crushing burnt orange leaves, arrays of pumpkins of every colour (like who knew a few years ago they grew not just in orange?) it is the famous Instagram worthy pink  corduroy trousers, circulating over our feeds momentarily, and the latter is where I join in the Instagram fun.  If I’m truly honest  I coveted nearly every pair I saw up on the so called grid. It was the pair from Mango that caught my eye first which I failed to get as at the time I was in an end of Summer denial and was much happier freezing in my summer clothes….Shortly followed by the holy grail of a pair by Isabel Marat,  of course this really was love at first sight, but even the heart this time intervened between monthly outgoings and paying for a pair of trousers.  But it was as if on some level it was meant to be, when a few weeks later there was a pair calling out my name in where else but of course Zara.

I am a huge fan of anything with that retro 70’s vibe, a ’78 baby after all, memories of my mum in cord flares, big heeled wedges, brown and mustard polar necks, bold print blouses and A line skirts.  So these dusty dark pink cut of corduroy with a wide leg, fit this vibe in shape, style and even in colour as I think I there is even a photo of me kicking around with a similar pair on, thirty odd years ago.  I also like the length, as it still slightly nods to Summer, allowing for exposed ankles, and of course, the price is a bargain and anything that jumps right out of an episode of Stranger Things, makes me feel at home.

I suppose it is innate in me to just be drawn to this era of fashion, with these trousers and a my new Netflix ongoing fix,  you may as well throw a blanket around me, as if comfort fashion is even a thing.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

So now I suppose all I need is the burnt orange leaves and the array multi coloured pumpkins with the said dusty pink corduroy trousers….oh and a BMX while we are at it and then I’m so on this Instagram game…….Well there have been ‘Stranger Things!’

Corduroy trousers : Zara

Trainers : Veja

Leather Jacket : Vintage

Ray-bans -Asos

Bag : Accessorize

Thank you for reading x

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