You Beauty!

As the Autumn shows her presence and we say goodbye bye to warmth and Summer days,  long nights, no coats required, just good old Summer fun, I also have to mourn those  good old liberating make-up free days that somehow you can just get away with in Summer…..But as soon as the nights draw darker, the wind gets a bitter chill, my Summer tan disappears, the return of the bad skin and serious ageing (it’s as if over night) and then the worst a huge case of SAD sets in…..Hi Autumn, please do come in, I’ve missed you!……

….But all hail, it’s going to be okay, all because of  the few new lovely beauty saviours that I have recently picked up and placed in my makeup bag,  to help transform me into an all season beauty Queen (well it’s helping) and they might even transform me  into an Autumn fan after all….But we’ll see about that!

Nars Sheer Glow

A bit late to the party on this one, but I tell you it is worth being late too.  It actually does what it says on the bottle.  It goes on really well on application and you don’t need to use a lot for that sheer and ‘glowy’ effect! It is a lot more hydrating than previous foundations I have used, all with a rather lovely texture, really soft and smooth and adds that sort after radiance, which on an everyday basis can be hard to find.    I have been using the Fuji shade which seems to work well with my skin tone, even with a little bit of a residual tan.   So late to the party but now out for a while!



Liz Earle Reflecting Concealer

A huge fan of Liz Earle when it comes to the Cleanse and Polish products, I thought I’d give some of the make-up products a try and have not been disappointed.  This is the product that needs to be at the top of my list this time of year and a fan quick fix, too late nights, too much work and season changes…. Used to cover up an array of bags and darks areas, hiding bad skin patches and tiredness.  I also use it a little as a highlighter on top of my eyes, on the nose just add some brightness.  It’s Good stuff!


Eyekeo brow pen

I’m kinda obsessed with eyebrows, not mine, but other peoples,  which is a strange obsession as I do absolutely nothing with my own.  I’m always amazed how people manage to shape, define, and sustain a bloody good brow, small or hugely bushy I love it, such dedication and artistry. For me, however it is always about low maintenance, really not one for letting anyone else near my eyebrows, it’s bad enough my hair.  Now I probably should, they are completely asymmetrical and grow at different speeds and in patches, so a little filling in with the Eye Brow pen can make even this asymmetrical face look half decent.  This one from Eyeko does the trick.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Hour Glass, Ambient

Not only does this rather beautiful Incandescent shade lighting powder come in the most stylish of cases, it really does, but it also adds to your makeup with the subtle right amount of shimmer, not too much glitter which just gets into and adds to the wrinkles. I brush it across the cheek bones and a little just under the brow and there you have just enough of a pick up which will catch the light and add a bit of glamour to my everyday…..just like the packaging.


Coco Mademoiselle Parfum

Because a spritz of this can immediately transcend you straight back to the French Riviera at any time of year.


Nars Sheer Glow

Liz Earle

Coco Mademoiselle Parfum

Hour Glass Ambient Powder

Eyekeo Brow Liner

Earrings Missoma 

Thank you for reading x


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