Happily Ever After.

Weddings come far and few in between these days. There was a time in summer where I think we had a wedding  nearly every weekend, which was rather quite lovely,  but today most of my friends are happily married and the big things spoken about are impending milestone birthdays, but we won’t go into that!

Luckily for me a few weeks ago, the one wedding of the year took place in Brighton, more than fulfilling my wedding guest needs.  Who doesn’t love a good  Summer wedding? Sunshine, friends, speeches, dancing ’til the sun goes down and for far longer and of course love, love, love!  What is not so good is the inevitable hangover post wedding and the finding something to wear stress pre wedding.  Anyone would think it was all about me and not the bride!

Whether it be a traditional, beach, Tuscan, or country barn wedding it is always hard to not only find the perfect dress for the occasion but a dress you can feel comfortable in all day but mostly feels like you.  Whatever the style of the day, I think you can easily feel pressurised to go too formal and too ‘done’, both do not fit too well with me.  I’ve far too many dresses in my wardrobe that I have worn once and once only as I felt that the type of dress was the right wedding attire, regardless if I really liked it or not or really felt the need to go as a footballers wife.  But alas years of mistakes  experiences has allowed me to finally feel I can arrive feeling pristine enough to fit in to the day, but ‘me’ enough to have a good time.  As well as be happy in your chosen attire, there is something rather reassuring in knowing that you will most definitely wear it again.

For me the dress in question is this rather beautiful, embroidered tie sleeve dress from Topshop.  Elegant enough in design and delicate material, pretty enough in its pale pink colour and intricate embroidery and ‘me’ enough with the boho tie sleeves and low cut back.  Paired with my gold heels and a glass of bubbles it did the job very well.

But the story of this dress unlike many others of her past, doesn’t stop here. This new favourite has since been pulled out for a graduation party worn with wedges, a Birthday BBQ party complete with slides, and  I also plan to float around Lisbon wearing it with my flip flops in August…….So  pictured here in a more relaxed setting and more how the foreseeable future for us  will be.

 So after years of bad choices, a few shockers and a few heartbreaks, I have finally chosen right and me and my pale pink dress will live happily ever after together, just as I know the happy couple will do too.












Dress by Topshop -currently on sale

Other dresses similar here , here and here.

Thank you for reading x


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I try to capture a moment albeit it grand or seemingly insignificant, so it can last just that little bit longer…

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