It’s Never Too Late

I always seem to come to things a little later than everyone else. I think it is my dislike to change and also my utter deficiency in making any type of decision, this will go from the huge things in life to what I want for my tea, it can be painful!  I can be happy sometimes to put my head in the sand a little and let some things just fade into the back ground….

So you can imagine the change of a winter coat, well HUGE! However, this season I was a little more sure, I’ve been coveting the camel coloured coat for a good few years now,  shooting enviable glances to anyone I see wearing one and sourcing the most perfect one to purchase.   The camel coat evokes so many different images and styles.  The hint of the 70’s and early 80’s give the coat a much loved retro feel, the iconic final scene in The Way We Were, with Barbara Streisand outside The Plaza in New York (heart sinks a little)

 On a personal nostalgic note my Nan also used to  wear one in winter complete with additional head scarf and lipstick,  but I can almost still smell the scent of warmth, powder and perfume that comes from this image of her.  So the Zara AW 16 coveted camel coat that is finally my own, brings more than just warmth and style to my wardrobe, worn just thrown on over jeans and trainers or for full sophisticated style over the perfect winter evening outfit.

 So it’s never too late to snap up the coveted,  to take a  walk, to fade into the background, and to treasure the memories. When wrapped up warm you can ponder the big stuff as well as what on earth you are going to have for your tea.











Coat from Zara

Top from Zara



Stan Smiths

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I try to capture a moment albeit it grand or seemingly insignificant, so it can last just that little bit longer…

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