Finding a Youthfulness with Institut Esthederm

Hello, I have returned! I have not managed to write on here for over a month, I am not sure where time has gone, but alas I am back and very excited to be writing again for Institut Esthederm, who very kindly, once again, sent me some gorgeous lotions and potions and asked me to try out a few of their beautiful products…..yes I know, how lucky am I! I have worked with Institut Esthederm in the past and have nothing but praise for their skin care range, with their ethos focussing completely on women fighting the signs and symptoms of skin ageing, and yes I can accept (or some days) that ageing is a part of life and is something beautiful in that.  It is also about fighting the external ageing our skin has to endure, pollution, sun damage, seasons, dehydration, other external stressors, the list is endless… Institut Esthederm aims to protect the skin and it’s youthfulness and provide your skin with the to ….and I for one champion its youthfulness both inside and out.

Eve: “How do you maintain your flawless appearance, even under duress?”

Carolyn “It’s my moisturiser,”  “It’s made of pig placenta. It costs a fortune and it smells like arse.”

Eve “I don’t mind smelling like arse,” 

Carolyn “I’ll send you the link!”

Killing Eve, BBC 2019.

I think we are all looking for moisturising cream which evokes people to comment on the radiance and flawless appearance of our skin….. I think these products are pretty darn close to having that, and luckily for us Institut Esthederm have come up with a potion without the pig placentas and foul smell……Just cellular water and a fresh scent here-phew!


Institut Esthederm Cellular Water Cream, is the epitome of the above, I have been using it day and night on freshly clean skin and it is nothing short of magic. It is lavish, creamy and feels silky smooth on the skin, beautifully revitalising and helps smooth out dehydration in skin. It is so soft in texture and doesn’t leave any residue at all. Even in the morning after 8 hours of sleep my skin still feels hydrated and moisturised and soft, overall it has been a lot brighter and certainly feels and looks a lot healthier…….

All hail Institut Esthederm’s, Intensive Hyaluronic Eye Serum, my absolute favourite product to date.  I love a serum and even more when the whole focus is for the eye area.  Whatever walks of life you take, whatever  your age,  the eyes can be such a give way to your state of health, tiredness and brightness.  Such a delicate and fragile area which needs intense looking after.  I once heard that to know when you have a good eye serum working well with your skin,  is when you completely forget to reach out and use your concealer, which I can certainly vouch for here, which is also slightly annoying as I have just brought a new one….but I digress.  I have found this intense serum has really helped smooth out my wrinkles and fine lines, and the dark shadow are beginning to fade, it is really refreshing and I am happy as a pig in mud (there is a theme here) morning and night when I apply this dose of magic.  I could not recommend anymore!

Staying with eye area, I was also lucky enough to be sent some of the  Contour Lift patches, which have a more instant result.  Lifting and intensely restructuring the delicate eye contour area.  They are great to use if you are having a lovely indulging evening, as part of a 6 week treatment 2 times a week,  or as a quick pick me up if those tired eyes are extra tired.  Apply a patch under each eye and leave on for 5 minutes and then rub in any extra excess into the area and ‘voila’, they visibly reduce the appearance of  bags, dark circles, sagging and signs of tiredness/too many bubbles the night before…you choose! 

I have said before, Institut Esthederm products do not come up cheap and I have been very lucky to have been gifted them but as always, you do get what you pay for, and if rejuvenating and protecting  your skin is something that interests you, maybe a little treat for oneself is doable, or added to the birthday/Christmas list may be the way forward.


Now I can 100 percent safely say that there are no pigs placentas involved in the making of any of these products or foul smells to that matter, but it does most definitely allow the skin to maintain a flawless appearance even under duress….perhaps I will send Carole the link!

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I was kindly gifted  the Eau Cellulaire Creme, the Intensive Eye Serum and the Lift & Repair Patches, but all words, thoughts and creation are my own.

Thank you for reading x


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