Radiance with Institut Esthederm

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to receive some really gorgeous and indulgent gifts from skincare brand Institut Esthederm, the premium sister brand to Bioderma, a brand which I have used and shout about regularly.  With Institut Esthederm  launching its latest collection Excellage at the same point in the year my skin was desperately in need of a very big pick up, I was more than happy to try out one of the three new products.

The Excellage Creme  works on restoring the overall health of the skin.  With their three areas of focus being, density, nutrition and radiance….the latter being my favourite.  With the focus aimed at helping restore a youthful skin density, which basically means,  here comes the science bit, as you get older, with the hormonal changes that come with ageing, our skin becomes thinner and drier with a reduction of  supportive collagen being produced.  So with ingredients such as camellia oil and vitamin PP  it not only helps nourish the skin, alongside the magical potion of Cellular Water, it is boosting hydration, restoring the over all health of the skin, all helping to achieve the golden ticket – radiance

There is no doubt this cream is a luxurious product, it is rich, velvety, very creamy and sinks into the skin so very well,  it also smells absolutely incredible.    I have very dry skin and have found I need quite a rich cream to moisturise my skin but it can leave my face super greasy and shiny, the Excellage is far from this, it has an almost satin like feel on application, firm and smooth and oh so soft, it just feels really quite comforting and indulging when I apply to my face and neck.  It also comes in beautiful packaging which looks the part on any good #shelfie.

Excellage  is most definitely at the top end of the price bracket, perhaps one to save up for or maybe put on a birthday list.   It is suggested you try the creme for 56 days, but I felt as if it did its job a lot quicker than that, I suppose sometimes you can get what you pay for and sometimes even sooner than you think.

The Excellage collection is aimed at the more mature, 50+ (which I do have a whole decade to go to get there) but when it comes to skincare it is worth thinking that ageing is not just chronological, it can/is hormonal and environmental, all areas completely out of our control, this is just a kind, gentle and rather luxurious way of dealing with all these effects.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The Cellular Water Mist is also the second product I’ve been trying from Institut Esthederm, for the past few months.  There are times now I am not sure how we ever got by without  Cellular Water, it boosts hydration within the skin and also helps against UV rays and pollution and all those nasty effects which can speed up the ageing process.  It really is all about hydration, and although works like a mist it is as powerful as a serum. I’ve been applying before my skincare and make-up and sometimes have a spritz through the day if my skin or I am feeling a bit dull and tired.  It is also good to use on the body, after a winter of the body being hidden and dehydrating under thick tights and trousers, it’s so nice to help quench the thirst and help with dry scaling skin….oh the joys of winter!  The Cellular Water is so refreshing and lovely and dewy on the skin- Big Fan of a Cellular Water Mist here.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

So it is worth, along with those 8 glasses of lemon water a day, thinking about what else your skin may need, and well I’m never shy when it comes to  wanting to give my skin a huge dose of hydration and care in the form of a  bit of a treat and an indulgence, why would you not?

Institut Esthederm |The Excellage Creme

Institut Esthederm |Cellular Water Mist

I was kindly gifted  both the The Excellage Creme and the Cellular Water Mist but all words, thoughts and creation are my own.

Thank you for reading x

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