USA Road Trip on Film

We took a good old fashioned film camera with us on our road trip across the MidWest America back in April.  Well I say I, Wes did, but in typical us style,  we didn’t  get round to developing the film until about  4 months later.

There is something quite lovely, exciting and quite worrying about capturing a lifetime holiday on film.  Lovely in the sense that Wes didn’t just snap away at everything he saw, he savoured photographs, considered them and re found some patience in lining up the best shot.  Exciting because, well, we had to not only wait until we got home to see the work but another 4 months after, of course our own doing, remember waiting for holiday photos?  It was the only good thing about coming home.   Worrying because who knows if they would come out.  I’m still recovering from the 1988 Kylie concert which concluded in me crying in Boots when my 24 photographs of her were just a red blur covered in stickers, my Dad did try to console me but it was just too late.

But luckily Wes did ok, and I think he has captured some really beautiful shots of our time in the United States.   All the better for waiting to see them, because most of all,  months on from the holiday, it is even more special to look back at our wonderful trip and see things from a different perspective  and savour them all over again, making the whole trip even more of an American Dream.



















All photos taken by Wes Venn.

Thank you for reading x

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I try to capture a moment albeit it grand or seemingly insignificant, so it can last just that little bit longer…

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