Potty Over Spotty

One of the good things about going away at the end of the Summer is picking up the odd really good Summer wear bargain but if you’re anything like me your eye is constantly drawn to the new beautiful and shiny, full priced clothes, bags, shoes and you are left with justifying to yourself your spending options….”I will wear this summer piece more than once over the seven days in sunshine” But the reality is that I will probably wear it once and then shove it to the back in my wardrobe until May 2018!

 Ahhh! The stresses of holiday shopping early September but before we go potty over what the heart and head say, welcome the transitional dress to mediate all situations….

I’m pretty potty over most things spotty,  but  a black and white spotty fabric, with ruffled sleeves, tea dress style, with pleats and fabric bow, equals mini dress heaven.  This kinda thang can get me pretty excited and the heart starts to flutter.  So, justification; perfect for tanned skin, perfect with tanned sandals and perfect for warm nights in the South of France, with the dress most definitely saying C’est chic not Le freak.

Continuing the justification, and this one for the head connected to the bank balance, a perfect dress to throw on with converse and a jacket in those  fast approaching Autumn crisp months, and will work rather well with black tights and patent boots come those Winter evenings…..

Result: The head is happy and the heart has returned to normal rate and we are all potty over dotty for the next few months…….















Dress Zara

Sandals Asos

Photos taken in Grasse, France.

Thank you for reading x

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I try to capture a moment albeit it grand or seemingly insignificant, so it can last just that little bit longer…

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