Memoirs of a Kimomo

My eye is always drawn towards that simple but beautiful floral based print, especially if the fabric is cool black with reds and burnt orange popping out with the added feel of the 90’s flashing back to me.  In regard to the top from Zara’s AW16 season, it was not just the print that got me but the shape, cut and design of the adored Kimono. I have fond memories of wearing a Kimono style dress to a University ball back in 1999, feeling super sophisticated as you can at the ripe old age of 19, if it wasn’t paired with the pint of larger I was drinking at the time I may have got away with it, head hangs in shame!  The  Kimono seems to revisit every decade or so, from the influence  in the opulent 1920’s to return in the 1940’s evening and night ware with silks and prints. Who can forget the romantic and beautiful attire of Chiyo in the 2005 movie Memoirs of a Geisha, one of my all time favourites, both in novel and film….I however, was properly introduced to the Kimono back  in the the late 90’s.

The actual word Kimono translates to ‘A thing to wear’ which sounds like an old t-shirt you throw on from the bedroom floor.  In complete opposite to this it is actually referred to as ‘polite attire’. What I love besides the fabric of this Zara piece is the feeling you can wrap it right around you, always left side over right, (just one of those little fun facts that brings a piece of clothing to life even more) covering up at this time of year but still evoking a feeling of sophistication, decadence and maybe a dab of female prowess ? The neck line was once the most admired beauty of the female in Japan, and hands at that matter, both parts of the body I do dare to bare in Autumn months.  The great thing is if the word ‘Kimono’ means just a thing to wear, you can wear it as often as you like, paired with a black pant and heels for some ‘Polite’ style, or dressed down with a bikini on the beach, (always thinking beach) endless options!

So in order to emerge in both tales of the Kimono and to also feel slightly feminine in the colder climates,  I will wear mine with my most favourite blue jeans, not quite as sophisticated as Chiyo but much more sophisticated than the past pairing with my pint of larger.








Kimono Top: Zara

Jeans : Old Topshop

Boots: Aldo

Clutch: Vintage

Necklace & Earrings:

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