Fatigue Be Gone with Institut Esthederm

I am sure that I am not the only one to be struggling with the Winter slug ….. it doesn’t matter how much sleep I get or not get, what I eat and do not eat and what I do or do not do, I am always moaning of tiredness and really like a lot of you I’ve absolutely no reason to be … Except that, yes, it is still Winter! January went on for for ever and a 100 days.

But alas, I do feel even in the first few days of February that spirits are lifting , snowdrops are flowering….and perhaps the effects of some magical lotions and potions from the quite brilliant Institut Esthederm products which I was kindly sent to try are working their magic.

After the fourth of fifth person said to me “Oh you are looking tired today ” at the start of of the month, I could think of no better time to indulge in such products, especially with said products’ aim to diminish signs of fatigue as their main focus …..cue the magic of Institut Esthederm.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Intensive Spiruline Cream | Institut Esthederm

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Any product which aims to diminish signs of fatigue, especially in the middle of Winter I am willing to give a try. This is all about reducing the signs of tiredness and stress – Bingo! With the help of the magic of Spirulina… Here comes the science bit : ‘Spirulina is blue micro- algae which contain over 220 nutrients… Institut Esthederm, draws on its revitalising, nourishing and regeneration properties, which provide an intensive care to tired , stressed winter skin ! ‘

It also helps nourish the skin, boost and restore that radiance that is still there underneath … oh yes Winter!

Rich and silky on application, it soaks into the skin beautifully , with no residue, and is completely refreshing and hydrating…. I’ll let you know if the tired comments come to a halt, I have a feeling they will!

Intensive Hyaluronic Serum | Institut Esthederm

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Ahhh Serum, Serum could be my most favourite product of all the products… I know I say this about everything but I really mean it about this!

I have combination skin but after a cleanse I feel the need to really lock in the moisture and well I just like putting it on, especially this one.. it is not at all greasy , soaks into the skin , giving me that extra boost of moisture in the morning and night, all for helping dehydration and additionally with the wrinkles and fine lines that seem to show up more at this time of year ….This magical potion can be used alone or just before applying moisturising cream, I have used it both ways and would say it has been a real tonic to my skin care regime!

L’Osmoclean, a deep pore cleanser | Institut Esthederm

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Firstly this cleanser smells insanely gorgeous, it is not too powerful but has very fresh and clean scent . I do love a good deep cleanser, I find it quite therapeutic, to really remove the day away before sleep, especially if I’ve worn a lot do makeup or been stuck on the underground.

Use a couple of times a week to give your skin a little TLC …Created with Cellular Water , it is gentle on the skin but also optimises the cells functions. Massage onto your clean skin, your face, neck and décolleté area, and rub off with warm water.   It makes your skin feel super soft and fresh, as well giving you that really deep clean and resulting in a healthy freshness your skin needs at this time of year. Part of the Osmo Clean routine, the cleanser offers a gentle clean, simultaneously balancing the skin’s surface ecosystem…..Goodbye Winter hello Spring!

So maybe February and her snow drops are looking a little more spirited after all!

L’Osmoclean, a deep pore cleanser | Institut Esthederm

Intensive Hyaluronic Serum | Institut Esthederm

Intensive Spiruline Cream | Institut Esthederm

Thank you for reading x

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