Summer Care with Institut Esthederm

As I pack my bag for a final little Summer jolly for the last time this Summer, I could not not talk to you about some of my favourite Summer products.  I used these lavishly in Greece, again on those crazy, balmy hot days in the UK (where did they go?) and once again they are being packed up away for a little escape.  The lovely people at Institut Esthederm have tapped into my penchant for a sunny break and kindly sent me a few products at the start of the Summer to help, protect, hydrate and pro long my sun kissed skin.  As always I like to give products a good go before I sing away about them and  I am sure many of you have been sensible and booked your holidays after the schools have gone back, and you never know the sun may appear again in old Blighty…..( not sure about that one) and well,  I never think it is too late to talk about good sun care.

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As always Institut Esthederm’s main ethos is care, it is about protecting the skins natural beauty, helping it to adapt to the environment, protect it and improve it’s resistance. The same is true for the complete sun care range, with the added bonus of prolonging your tan.

Institut Esthederm Bronz Impulse Face And Body Spray

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This little gem is a little pre protection/ pre planning before you head into those glorious days of lying in the sun. As they say, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.  However, in all honesty we are all aware of the dangers of UVF on our skin, so anything that is going to protect, prepare my skin from the rays is a good thing. The Bronze Impulse spray helps to strengthen skin’s natural defences against the sun, which also helps in keeping that sun kissed glow.  Start using daily a couple of weeks before your trip and then again 20 minutes or so before sun exposure whilst away.  Just spritz away and your tan awaits.

Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Protective Silky Body Mist – Moderate Sun.

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  This clear, easy to use on wet or dry skin, it offers protection from UVA and UVB as well as working on your natural tan.  Soft as satin on application with a nice gentle scent.  It is waterproof for dipping in and out of the sea and pool and sweat proof if you are feeling energetic on the beach. Or if you are like me, it is perfect for lying back and reading a book in the sun.   Do just be aware that it is for moderate sun.

Institut Esthederm Repair Aprés-Soleil

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This was my absolute favourite.  I love the part of a holiday when you are showered off from the sea, sand and sun and getting ready to watch the sun go down.  The Aprés-Soleil became part of my pre sundowners evening routine….So very hydrating, soothing and calming,  you can feel it doing its magic as it soaks into the skin, it helps with  anti wrinkling and it ‘hurrah’ prolongs the tan.  It smells incredible too, now if I use it at home it takes me straight back to evenings on the Greek Islands… I cannot recommend enough.

So all three of these are already packed for use again from tomorrow for the last time.  But hey the good thing of Summer coming to an end in Europe is the Southern Hemisphere is perfect to explore…Yes I know we can dream!

Institut Esthederm |Bronz Impulse Face And Body Spray 

Institut Esthederm |Repair Aprés – Soleil

Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Protective Silky Body Mist – Moderate Sun

• I was kindly gifted  the above products but all words, thoughts and creation are my own.

Thank you for reading x

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