Return of the….. Dress

We are as humans apparently creatures of habit, we see ourselves as in control, consciencly making decisions at our own free will, but really we just return to the familiar and our instincts take over.  I think that there is no exception when it comes to clothes.  Familiarity is comforting and simple, so maybe that is why I happily snapped up this Topshop slip dress for my trip to Portugal.  (Yes I’ve tried to link the human Psychology with Topshop!) Stay with me.

I’d been looking for a slip dress to take away for ages, when this rather lovely 90’s style,  blast from the past, jumped off the hanger, quicker than you can say Alanis Morissette and into my basket it went.  The shape, the floral embroidery, (always love a floral) and the spaghetti straps, was almost to the ‘T’ of my one and only clubbing dress I had in my ‘A’ level years (when I say clubbing I mean the local nightclub that did an under 18’s night but we thought we were pretty cool.)  There is something about 90’s fashion that I will happily keep tapping into 20 years on.  I think it’s the simplicity, the colour pallets and the good old reminder that you can still get away with a style from 20 years ago (just!)

Although back then, being too cool for school / having no confidence I wore it with the chunkiest pair of black shoes, and not in the right way, rather than dress it up too much, like all the other girls!  Today I’m happier to match with bare feet or with slides, in hotter climates, and recently with my black wedges, for my birthday dinner.

Although slip dresses are completely elegant, I think the fluid cupro fabric relaxes the whole look a little and so you don’t feel too dressed up…I do always hate the thought of being more dressed up than anyone else on holiday and well most of the time, even if I know no one in the restaurant…..some things still stay with you twenty-years on…  Isn’t it ‘Ironic’?











So all for sustainability,  I’m thinking a t-shirt or polo- neck underneath, paired with boots will keep this dress revolving through all seasons….. And well you never know maybe I’ll pull it out in another 20 years……Just kidding, someone please slap me if I do!




Thank you for reading x


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