Pineapples & Summer Dresses.

If you read my post last week on Capturing The Summer, you will be pleased to know I am taking some of my own medicine and Wearing That Dress.  The Dress in conversation is this Pineapple Tassel Dress, from And Other Stories, which I picked up on Regents Street a week or so ago.  Where I went in for lots of other bits and bobs, not a another summer dress, but hey the same old story!

A walk around And Other Stories, is always completely inspiring and motivating but when my little eye spied this dress from the far corner of the store where I was just smelling my way through the beauty products, I knew it was meant to be.

The coral colour, the pineapple print, the style and the delicate buttons up to the top, which is really flattering on, again that slight hint of the early 80’s in shape,  and of course anything with pineapples all over it is a winner.  The material is gorgeous to touch, wear and moves like liquid, it feels lovely on and like you’ve jumped into summer, especially with the the tassel straps,  with the extra splash of colour.  The inner 9 year old girl spinning in a party dress at a school party feel!

Of course in the changing room, the endless justification list came in, I could wear it at my birthday party ? (not that I knew I was having one)  Our wedding anniversary (again are we doing something) ? On holiday to France early September? On the trip we have planned in August? (although again not yet booked)….  So after a few selfies to my mum, who just said “treat yourself”….I did!







So pineapples and dresses, two balmy summer traits together and well you can’t say no…..Same Old Story!



Woven Bag:  Brought in Bali

Thank you for reading x

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