Sea, Salt, Sand and a Summer Dress

Sometimes I am not sure why I take so many clothes away with me, when inevitably I just end up throwing on the same thing.  Actually I’m pretty good, I do a little planning so my luggage doesn’t cost me more than the flight but usually I keep reaching for the same piece of clothing. This year, in this case, in Bali it was a Tangerine Floral dress from Mango. As you know with me, anything with a floral print will catch my eye, but this tunic style, relaxed, comfortable cotton dress was the item I wore over and over.    The lightness, coolness and anything with a flow makes me happy for those hot climates, but the highlight was it just worked in every situation.  Not one for a sarong, although completely envied the twenty-something Aussie chicks that just make it work as the fly off onto their mopeds.  Not so much for me, I get  tangled up, end up showing all the wrong parts and strangling myself in the process, so opting for a dress to throw on over my bikini is the best bet.  It also gives me a bit more protection on the shoulders when the Asia sun gets a bit much.  All in all the best part is the easy and lazy feel, for when you have those evenings when beach leads straight to cocktails and evening meal, in order to really soak up those sunsets.  So although my hair is a tangled frizz of a mop, complete with seaweed hanging from it,  skin covered in salt and sand and slightly dirty, throw on a pretty dress and you’re laughing…..The best way to be!







What is also great about a summer dress, is the ability to throw it on with a pair of boots and a leather jacket back in the UK and you have early summer outfit ready, although shower and hair brush required for this one.





These photographs were taken at Sundays Beach Club, Uluwatu

 Looking forward to sharing all our photos of Bali, very soon.

Dress : Mango

Thank you for reading x

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