This Ain’t No Disco

So December has arrived.  The festive season is upon us, a month of seasons greeting, Christmas trees, twinkly lights, sparkly attire, ice skating, Mulled wine and mince pies, shopping, parties and glasses of Champagne, Home Alone 1&2 (but not 3), Love Actually on repeat, hangovers midweek,  and  a partridge in a pear tree….I love Christmas, I love all the decorations and the extra party dates in the diary, I love how a Monday night can be a Friday night.  I love spending time with my friends and my family and tucking into as much delicious food as I possibly can. It is a special time!

But my most favourite part is that you can get away with being a little more dressed up than usual, without feeling like the only overdressed one at the party.  Since I can remember, my sister and I and my cousin have nearly always had a Christmas Day outfit, albeit now we do pay for our own.   I have never been one for staying in my Pyjamas all Christmas day,  I am more than happy to chill in my joggers on a Sunday but Christmas day, sorry no!…..It’s Christmas people!!

A new outfit seems to find its way into my wardrobe every year and I love it! Why treat Christmas as any other day?

But sometimes I admit these little traditions can seep into other parts of December and I can become a little out of control.  A little like the pair of gold, ROW Skinny Two-Part Strappy Sandals  from the Topshop  Winter season. These 70’s disco, party ready and do I dare say sexy sandals found their way into my online basket.  Yes they are inadvertently festive, in colour and sheer style,  but I know at any other point of the year, I would have most definitely coveted them from afar.  The winter boots or summer flip-flops would have clouded over my brain and the sensible purchase would have won.  But not at Christmas, Christmas is a time for anything gold, all things indulgent and definitely all things glamorous!

So even if my home is the only place I get to strut my thang in them, my Christmas Day dress will not be the only indulgent item purchased this year……Because after all,  This ain’t no disco…..This is Christmas!

Let the festivities begin!

Gold Sandals : Topshop

Perfume: Coco Mademoiselle

Necklace: Missoma

Bag: Vintage

Callottes: Zara


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