Cecily Town House Spa, Berkhamsted.

A Perfect Little Spot

Am I fussy? Hmm….Do I like things just so?…..Well most of the time, I feel I can let some things go but when it comes to spending ones hard earned cash, it’s a big Yes and Yes to both of those questions…….Spa days and spa treatments do not always come cheap and usually reserved for those special times, birthdays in this case, so when you walk away more stressed out by how much money you have wasted on something you were not that happy with, yes it’s okay to be fussy…….But alas, I digress, these thoughts did not enter my head when I booked some time at the Cecily Town House Spa, Berkhamsted. The tension and the woes drifted right away as soon I walked into the most beautiful, sweet scented, warm almost living room at Cecily.  Beautiful furnishings, from vintage record players, hanging chandeliers, fresh flowers and big comfy chairs to while a way the hours, this was cozy at its best. Stylish but oh so friendly cozy, a hint of French Boudoir, English Victorian mixed with modern day touches….and such high attention to detail, beautifully created by Kate Lupton.





Cecily Town House Spa, is a very special little place, it is tucked away down a beautiful Victorian street, the walk there giving you serious house envy.  The spa is nestled in the most enviable town house, one which is on the dream home list, but home is really a theme here.  I find a lot of spas can be a little cold and clinical, or so zen you don’t dare breathe, this was just the most perfect, making you feel very at ease but surrounded by therapists that were excellent at their work and also passionate about where they worked…..And all with out a train ticket into London town.





As you find your way through the candle lit relaxation and library room and up the stairs to the treatment rooms, you feel you really are nestled away and lost in a Narnia.  The quiet and peaceful treatment room had a vintage feel at its best, i could have happily moved in.  I went for a full body massage with technician Nicole, she was amazing.  The best part is all products are cruelty free, delicious in scent and you do not leave feeling as if you have been smothered and dripping in crisp and dry…..in fact the absolute complete opposite…. Hurrah for heavenly places…….and breath!

FullSizeRender (2)



There are so many treatments to choose from at Cecily, I would love to sit myself down in one of the big comfy chairs in at the front with a good book and a pedicure, all the more reason to return.


IMG_7977 (1)

So all in all it is good to be fussy, hold out for what you really want, then when places such as Cecily come along they are even more perfect and special; and worth absolutely every penny.


You can book treatments on line, ask for Nicole, amazing! http://www.cecilytownhousedayspa.com/ A seven minute walk from Berkhamsted train station.

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